Thursday, January 07, 2010

SMOKE SCREEN!!!!!.....

President Obama, just back from a tanning experience in Hawaii....OOPS He does not NEED a tan....(boy will that get me a "racist" label....) has decided several things.....

Attacking the response of the TSA/Etc. to the Christmas Detroit bomber ( he is only a terrorist if Obama sez so!) is going to get him the chance to sound like Mighty Mouse as he adds flying agents to thwart such attacks, and sounds out loudly on the failures of the folks responsible.

OF COURSE this is subterfuge to keep your eyes off the bouncing ball of OBAMACARE!!!!!

If you are thinking of terrorists and flying, then OBAMACARE is not on your radar.

Obama is a specialist at the "SHA-CAW-GAH" version of three-card-monte! Distract the masses, and give them something else on which to chew, and push your hidden agenda so they don't see it!

Yeppers, I am sure that is what's afoot Watson! We'll have ObamaCare by "State-of-the-Union" time.....GAR-UN-TEED!!!!!