Wednesday, January 06, 2010

He Just Doesn't Care!

Obama called for "Hope & Change!"

He has produced none of that.

Obama said we'd open up discussions on congressional bills to the public for transparency.

He now avoids that like the plague!

Obama called for an end to PORK.

He has not commented upon/vetoed/nor challenged ONE piece of pork from the thousands which have sailed across his desk.

Obama wanted Washington free of hacks and lobbyists.

He has hired hundreds of them with no comment.

Has the man done anything he said he would????

Oh, yes...he has called for ObamaCare....despite HUGE public opposition. & He and Reid/Pelosi are going to have it, no matter what. They will do so behind closed doors without ANY form of input or consideration from the minority party.

Anyone want to speculate what the DEM scream would be if the GOP was in charge and keeping them out of the picture?

Come on 2010 elections.....we have a lot of DEMs/Independents to replace.