Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Well, We Would Open This To C-SPAN, Except That We Won't & That's The Facts Jack!

Obama, Two-Faced liar that he he has his flack lying, covering up, digging deeper, etc.

Michelle Malkin covers it....

Openness....Transparency.....Shucks folks that was campaign talk. We never meant we'd ACTUALLY do either.

What a sham this President is; what a source of lies and double-entry cover-ups.

We meant what we said, except when we need to do otherwise.

ObamaCare W-I-L-L be the law, no matter what we have to do.....

Thanks those of you who sought "Hope & Change".....what will "The One"'s theme for 2012 be.....Hope & Change for now, but Nothing for later?