Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does This President "Get It?"....Not In This Lifetime!

WOW.....without a trace of irony, PrezBO has issued a strong rule that those contractors who have not paid their taxes may not participate in further government-contract bidding.

As one who has appointed a number of folks who were underpaid/not paid/failed to pay into his own administration, this is bordering upon the ludicrous! Obama is as tone-deaf as anyone I have ever heard of in government.

This is yet another brick in the wall of why Obama will remain Carter, II....and be a one-term President. Despite strong personal support...he cuts against the grain of reality at every turn, and seems oblivious to the fact.

Chicago politics produces really, really strange fellows....even if they have charm to begin with. I predict he will continue shooting himself in the foot until 2012 when the electorate will put this administration out of its misery.