Sunday, December 31, 2006

It Was/Will Be - A Very Good/Bad Year!

Yeppers folks, the idiotarions who populate the writing corp at AP are once again off into outer space with their reporting.

For instance......

Check out Nancy Benac who knows it will be a very good year!


Check out Darlene Superville who has the pall of gloom round about her entire story!

Guess we'll just have to wait and see....


Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam is Dead!

That is not the truth, but it will be VERY soon.....

The evil SOB who is responsible for killing more people than I shall meet in my life is going to the very, very nice we have no Iraqi idiotarions who are "pro-life" and angered by the fact of a death for a killer.

Let the Libertarians of the USA know that there are people who NEED to be eliminated....Too bad these same people seek to insure that we feel the pain of the killers....NOT the pain of the familys, and persons who knew the victims.

How Sad!


"You Won't Have Me To Kick Around Anymore!"

Not the quote of Richard Nixon.....the probable words of Sad-Man Hussein as he marches to the gallows. I am not sure I am still a proponent of the death penalty....HOWEVER, this mass-murderer who killed in horrendous ways documented by thousands, deserves his quick and regular death by hanging.

Jules Crittenden comments: "We all know the enormity of his crimes, and many of us know men and women who are dead because of him. But the only satisfaction I'll feel with his death is to know that there is still justice that is carried to termination and not cynically subverted in this world. It is only more death on top of death after that."

Saddam's hanging will not be a power point in the life of Iraq....but, rather, a point of reference that the NEW IRAQ is capable of taking care of it's enemies, and also leveling charges through courts which apply to all.

Despite the NYT comment in their recent editions, the trial was thorough, and complete. The missteps were few....the evidence overwhelming! There was NO (Read ZERO; NADA; NONE) evidence that he could have been innocent of charges......

He killed more people than many of us will meet IN A LIFETIME!

The report: from FOX.

The reality is by the time most of you read this he will be gone.

Good Riddance!!!!!!

One less despot to see, hear, and face.

A bonus.....maybe Assad, and several other such players will take notice.....but, I fear not. They all feel supreme, and above the hand of human laws.


UPDATE: Rick Moran comments;

"I wish I could believe that hanging Saddam will make other tyrants pause and clean up their acts, hoping to avoid suffering a similar fate. But you and I know that is wishful thinking. What is more probable is that the dictators will redouble their efforts to stifle opposition thinking it will guarantee their security – at least from their own people.

But in the end, whether it’s having your neck snapped by a taut rope or dying peacefully in your bed, the criminal oppressors who cause so much human misery and suffering will all come face to face with their own mortality. And I have to believe that as the curtain rings down on their existence, the cold hand of fear will grip their failing heart as they contemplate an eternity that may include torments far surpassing those they meted out during their useless, failed existence on this planet."

For those who are finding reasons to NOT kill the Sad Man.....

Check these facts from FOX: They Tell the TRUE story of this evil man!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Network? I Don't See No Stinking FOX Network!

AP's David Bauder does a fine fluff story on the networks and their response to the death of President Ford, but he somehow just cannot bring himself to recognize the #1 news network by all the ratings, FOX News.

Considering the FOX folks to be "conservative" is one thing, but ignoring them completely smacks of truly biased journalism....even on such a fluff piece as this is.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kerry Dines Alone!, John (whatever) Kerry, sends a nice message to the troops about how "DUMB" they are...and how ONLY "SLOWER" folks become soldiers....a "JOKE"...har, har....then he goes to Iraq and wants to meet the troops, but NO ONE CAME to DINNER!!!!!!

At least not at his table......

Check it out Through Michelle Malkin.

The ever-present idiotarion of the Democratic party......oops, sorry, I guess there are several including: "Mr. Chappaquidick" and "Mr. Murthless Murtha".....

Well this was John, "I ain't never gonna be President" Kerry.

God, but he sends his message loudly, and clearly.....I am an idiot!

But he did have the sense to marry a multi-millionaire!

Go John!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blog Truth & Ye Shall Be Recognized!

The things that brighten my life often include any form of recognition of the fact that bloggers are both talented, and in touch....a description the "Antique Media" (Read: Print media) are loath to it gives away their own huge liberal bias in reporting.

Today, a landmark.....A blogger of note (IRAQ THE MODEL) is recognized by publication in the Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal. of two who make this Iraqi blog his version of "what is" in Iraq....and scores some "I-am-there-and-you-are-not" creds among the public!

Read his article HERE & Be aware!

I love the facts that the actual Iraqi people present, in the face of the gloom and doom...."we are losers" articles by the Antique Media.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Global Warming; er, Erosion; er Salt Water Intrusion!

The story is a clarion call from the agenda-driven MSM (Main Stream Media, oft-called the "Old Media"). Islands sinking into the warming is to blame...the dire predicitions begin to come true, and we'll all sink into the sea.

Sounds to me a bit like chattering monkeys.

Here is the original story I located....from The Independent. Nothing agenda driven by that article.....reallllllly?

However, when one does a Google on the island name there are many articles which indicate the source of the island's dilema is NOT a rapidly-rising sea, but a combination of terrible environmental management and corrupt local officials....

The facts are a bit strewn about in this post, but they are there...Go read for the truth.

Agenda-driven journalism at its finest. This island has been going away for many years. Harvesting its mangroves; failing to maintain dikes and levees; and a lot more is to blame. As you may have noted on the island the place was flat as a pancake to begin with, and probably composed of river muck over thousands of years. Mankind has made this happen...that is not a disputable claim...however, the truth is it is not global warming at all. It is a combination of problems caused by man with no relationship to sea levels.

I am really concerned that the MSM continues this pilgrimage to prove global warming, at the expense of truth. No wonder they are called the "Old Media"...truth has given way to agendas.


Friday, December 22, 2006

A Black President in the Making???

Yes!!!! Secretary Condi Rice sez it is due....and we must believe!!!

I believe!!!!

Boy, do I believe!!!!

BUT the key is WHO....and Condi Rice is THE PERSON!!!!


Nifong Begins Backwards March....

The SA plotting, and I use the word as meant, against the Duke Lacrosse players has dropped the charge of RAPE against the three Duke players....but left in place several others....Of course, he is not going to divulge ANYTHING about his plans, his case, etc.....The story is on FOX HERE!

This sicko idiotarian needs to be disbarred, charged, and sent to prison for malfeasance in office!

Michelle Malkin also has THE STORY HERE! What an idiot this Nifong!

How long before he drops all the charges? Guess that depends on how he finds an excuse to make him look ligit in placing them in the 1st place....

He needs to be tried and convicted of REALLY bad things which he has perpetuated upon these innocent college students.

I hate that this can happen by an agenda-driven idiot who holds public office in the US of A.


UPDATE: The plot thickens, courtesy of
Betsy's Page.

This is a travesty of justice, and Nifong needs to P-A-Y.....BIG TIME!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

AC DC Visiting to Help Vets!

That's right kiddies, Brian Johnson, powerful voice of AC DC is going to visit the Tampa Elks Lodge yet this month to help raise money for Veterans...a major Elks project.

I'll get you more details soon as possible!


Sandy "Pants" Berger - Trash Man Extraordinaire!

A Demo figure gets a media break. What a freaking surprise!

Sandy Berger, a Clinton figure, managed to escape with a small fine, some community service and a temporary lack of access to the national archives after pilfering only God knows what. Had it been Cheney, Rummie, et al of the GOP there would be a national press bruhaha of the 1st water. Headlines would fly, aspersions be cast, and the trail would be alledged to go all the way to GWB. Not so for Berger.....No one could possible think he risked his future to kill off documents Clinton and Company feared becoming public. Naw, Sandy was just "cute".

Scott at Power Line tells the story.

Entire thing makes me sick!

You either are stealing documents, or not....and he WAS!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Year In Review: The Religion of Perpetual Outrage!

Ah yes, the wonderful "ROP" (Religion of Peace) is anything but......

They are the religion which seeks to dismember, kill, maim, and mar the ideas of ANYONE who does not follow their line.

Michelle Malkin has the YEAR IN REVIEW!

Just why is it that the MSM does not see the fact that only ONE religion cries out, kills, and ignores any form of moderation, communication, etc.? The Islamofascists seek to give us THEIR religion, or kill us....whichever we prefer.

When was the last time the Catholics; Presbyterians; Baptists, et al espoused killing or destroying any and all who did not believe as they do? N-E-V-E-R!!!!!

Think on it, and then consider an option......Being a bit outspoken about the ROP. They are killers, deniers, and not a part of Western ideals......Thanks God!


Something Has Gone Horribly Wrong!

"Yes, Virginia (& the other 49 states)! There is a Santa Claus".....and his name is GWB plus the new Demo-controlled congress.

Neal Boortz nails it today as he tells how deeply into YOUR pockets the new congress, aided and abetted by GWB are going to dig!


President Bush said yesterday he sees "some wonderful opportunities" to work with the new Democratic Congress on a number of issues.

This man is really starting to worry me.

And just what are some of these opportunities? How about amnesty for illegal aliens, tax increases on the "rich" and fixing Social Security. Oh boy...I bet they're really going to fix it this time. Let's take a look at some of the issues on which the president and Nancy Pelosi will cozy up, shall we?

The amnesty for illegal aliens program. George W. Bush has been waiting almost 7 long years to implement this one, but knew he would get nowhere with a Republican Congress. But with Democratic politicians eager to recapture the Hispanic vote, let the Hispandering begin. The program is as bad as it sounds: a path to citizenship for all 12 million illegal aliens in the United States. On top of that, nothing will be done to stop the Mexican invasion. A wonderful opportunity indeed.

Time to raise those taxes. Let's face facts: President Bush is not now and never has been a conservative in favor of limited government. On his watch, he has expanded the federal government faster and larger than just about any of his predecessors. His spending proposals make Bill Clinton look like a miser. Remember when the 'Contract With America' in 1994 called for abolishing the Department of Education? Those days are long gone. George W. Bush will cut a deal with Democrats to raise taxes on "the rich" in order to pay for some vote-buying scheme. It's called building a legacy, so hold on to your wallet.

Oh..and fixing Social Security? Forget that too. The Democratic/Bush solution will be to raise payroll taxes and any form of opting out of privatization will go out the window. Oh's going to be very interesting for the next two years. The 110th Congress is going to ensure that."

Time for we taxpayers to elect some folks NOT by DEM or GOP, but rather those who will sign on to commit to NOT raise taxes....but rather cut them and stop giving all the freebies to everyone.

Libertarianism sounds better all the time.....

Boortz also comments on a new and IMPRESSIVE Libertarian......Bob Barr:


I've known Bob Barr for a long time. Nice guy, really. Even when he's eating cheese with Borat.

Bob has been a rather interesting study since he left the Congress. I've been particularly interested in his work against some of the provisions in the Patriot Act.

Now Bob Barr has announced that he's a member of the Libertarian Party. That's good. That will make him one of the party's most prominent members.

I do have a question though.

Several years ago Bob Barr and I stood on a stage in front of about 3000 people and debated the issue of medical marijuana. I was for, he was against.

I wonder what his position is now?"

We'll just have to wait and see!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Real" Iraqi News????

The problem with the MSM (Read: Old Guard Media) is they are believed at the level of about 24-26%.....pathetic!

The real story comes from those who ARE there in Iraq....not in the Green Zone parroting the input from suspect reporters of Iraq who are not known for their neutralism (nice words for BIASED TERRORIST REPORTERS!)...

This is the penultimate from Bill Roggio via Instapundit!

If you want to know about what IS in Iraq, you gotta read the guys who are truly OUT THERE....not the pseudo-journalists who depend upon really poor sources.


Duke DA Lambasted by Thomas Sowell

I am certainly not alone in my outrage against DA Nifong in his case against Duke Lacrosse players.

Just read this list of failures generated by Thomas Sowell.


Monday, December 18, 2006

HO-HO-HO! - Gone Terribly Wrong!

Yeppers folks, the wonderfulness of DISNEY has become the "owner" of Santa Claus....

Don't think so, then read THIS AND KNOW!!!

When in Disney, they own ALL THINGS, and ALL entertainment.....

Shame on the Disney Folks.....Shame, Shame!!!!

Time Finds Strong Praise for Idiotarion President of Iran!

OH BOY! Do they ever.....but oops! they have changed the story!

Gosh guess we bloggers exposed them and they responded.....wanna bet if they admit it????

The story is HERE, courtesy of Little Green Footballs!

He He!


IRAQ Economy BOOMING? - It Cannot be!

Not in the face of this "failed" cause of the USA....Not in the face of the terrible-uncontrolled civil war breaking out all around......

BUT IT IS!!!!!! Just Read Silvia Spring @ Newsweek!

Can it possibly be that the Main Stream Media (READ: Old Guard, delusional media) have missed a BIG story>>>>>>?????

Yeppers it can be folks, and you had better adjust your listening/viewing/habits in regard to the news if you are still believing the old media!


World's Most Dangerous Roads - NOT In Tampa???

Actually, when I get to feeling badly about the time I often get to spend "wading" through the local traffic, I think of places such as these & IT GETS BETTER!(as you'll read here!)

We have our jams, but these folks in other parts of the world have life-altering excursions!

Read it all and think about being THERE instead of HERE! Maybe it'll make you feel a bit better.


Pythons Could Kill Off Everglades Wildlife!

That is NOT a scare headline, in spite of its inherent scariness. It is truth.

Just give a few minutes to read an AP Story by Todd Lewan from The Examiner.

This is real, as you note if you actually read the thing. In some parts of the world such introduction of species has already killed off the locals completely.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

VodkaPundit is Down But Not Out!

One of my favorite reads since I began this blog in June 2004 has been Stephen Green, known online as "VodkaPundit". His wit, charming way with words and stories and his ability to surround a subject so very well kept me reading.

Suddenly a few months back his constant comment and claims of Martini consumption slowed, then stopped. I feared he was in detox.....perhaps just also tired of the blog grind of daily substantive production.

Then I feared for his health. Now he has returned with a tale of a severe health problem with which he is dealing.

Read VodkaPundit and feel that maybe your life is going better than you thought!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm TIME's "Person of The Year!"....You Probably are Too!

Yeppers folks, the Duke is a TIME Magazine "Person of The Year".....

& As I said in the title, you probably are too!

Read it from BELIEVE!!!!

Congrats to the entire blogosphere and a few hundred thousand more as well! Never in my life has such a phenomenon occurred! I am loving living this time and the development of personal communication on an entire new stage! Keep it Coming!!!!


Grandson Recovering! - Rotovirus Suspected

18 Month 0ld Grandson Eddie spent some time (almost two days) in hospital in Illinois this week. The little tyke...a really GREAT kid...apparently picked up the rotovirus from a community changing table in a local mall.

The virus brings on a combination of events that leave the little kids laying in parents arms with a severe case of dehydration. In the case of Eddie we also had a low level of protein.

It took a long time to get his body headed back the right way....and, to say kids hate hospitals with all their needles, etc. is an understatement.

I had no idea the rotovirus could be picked up in such a simple way.

Be aware parents!

Meanwhile Eddie back home, and Mom tells us he's so overjoyed to be there instead of the hospital he was running around like crazy for a few minutes...then the lack of rest and energy caught up and bedtime followed quickly.

Rest well, Little Eddie.....Stay healthy. Grandpa has way too much else to worry over right now!


DUKE Rape Story is Absurd!

It grows ever-more interesting, and sometimes completely nauseating.....

The "Nifong Scandal" as I would label the charges against the Duke players......It just takes a LOT of reading to cover the topic!

I am sickened by a DA who needs to be brought into check, and then sent out of the DA business....and the world of lawyers, for his obscene actions!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Blogging Light - Family Health Problem

On Tuesday, following a few harrowing days for my family, my younger sister had her 2nd bypass surgery. This followed by about a year her carotid surgery.

Yesterday the Duchess and I were summoned to nearby Winter Haven where my sister's health took a turn for the worse as she suffered a stroke.

Today I was there for several hours, and her condition is stabilizing, but not with great results as there are remnants of the stroke causing her problems.

Blogging will remain light as I post when I am not there and dealing with the situation.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jamil Hussein, Eason Jordan, Michelle Malkin

What do they have in common???? Well, actually not a lot....theyare all involved in my favorite story this morning. It is UN-BELIEVE-ABLE!

In my post yesterday, I told the story of AP's MISIING CAPTAIN/WITNESS IN IRAQ!

Now a new story emerges and ties in. Does the name Eason Jordan ring any bells? For those with short memories, he was the CNN exec who a) passed off Saddam Hussein messages written by the sad man as "news" in order to keep his CNN Iraq bureau open prior to our removing Saddam and b) the same CNN exec who, at a European conference, denounced the US military as "targeting" newsmen in Iraq......a statement heard by many including a US Congressman and a US Senator. He was fired (retired/left, et al) from CNN.

Now he is back with a blog ABOUT we could believe him now...and he is going to go find Jamil Hussein and has invited Michelle Malkin to join him!

This should be interesting......

A true effort by Jordan (don't hold your breath) and a truthful follow-up, would help regain his credability....but will likely shred APs as Captain Jamil Hussein proves to be A.W.O.L. from both truth and presence!

I'll be watching.

Meanwhile I am emailing will many others I am give her warning to be really careful as I do not trust Jordan and he knows lots of the "bad guys" over there.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jamil Hussein, Where Are YOU?????

AP, Please just give us access for a minute.....I know you are attached to Jamil at the love him, for he has given you no less than 61 stories during the past few months....He is a marvelous news source....The type that I, as a newsman 30 years ago, would have found completely captivating.....But then I would not have hidden from the rest of the media my source.....I would have shared, having already scooped the rest of the media......Then they could re-enforce my brilliant reporting, and give me the credit due.

What, the AP is not giving ANYONE access to this marvelous Captain????

Do you wonder why this is so? I know I do!


Duke Players New Defense - Victim was with "Several" folks....just NOT them!

This is HUGE!

It is a continuing tsunami in the world of charges of rape.....

You Just have to READ The FOXNews Story!

This joke of a case has gone on FAR, FAR, too long!

May it end in the disbarment of Nifong, a Village Idiot, who was aimed only at re-election.....The Duke players have lived through HELL...There is no reason for the charges!

What will be the end result?

I hope for true accountability by Nifong....


Castro Dead????? Lots of Reports....

There is a heavy buzz this morning, among some blogs which should know, that old man Castro has passed on due his reported cancer.

Michelle Malkin gathers the sites into an easy-read.....

This is coming, be it here now, or not. Castro is obviously either dead or getting there. His very absence and continued efforts to cover have dictated that in his Communistic regime the facts are plain....

The question now becomes, what happens when he kicks off? Many think his propped-up government of successors, from his Brother Raoul on down, are going to be lost in the shuffle in a hurry. If that be the case, are there enough freedom-lovers around with enough power to move in, or will a new Communist regime pop up?

Stay tuned folks!


Nearly-Naked Cartoon Character Causes Uproar!

The Day-By-Day Cartoon, a conservative effort by Chris Muir is published daily on a number of blogs.....this one included (You'll find it in the right column down a way, and you simply use the arrows to scan thru the daily entry).

Yesterday Chris had one of his 4 primary characters, a lovely lady, appear nearly-nude while talking to her fiance. It caused an uproar. I was, personally, not at all offended. Some were, and those on really conservative sites emailed the blogger involved. Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters gets on the case here!

By the way, if you want to see the mentioned cartoon, it is available on Chris Muir's site. Just click on December 12th....While you are there, read a few more and find out what you have been missing.

His site:


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Feeding the Vets! - Elks Lodge Style!

There was a recent big to do about a restaurant in Washington, Fran O'Brein's, feeding veterans from a nearby hospital. The place did so free! The restaurant lost its lease. Now it is reopening as reported by Michelle Malkin.

I salute the restaurant, and do not want to take from their generosity, however, when a single place gets national coverage while many who also "serve" meals to Vets, that is....get no mention, I am a bit iritated.

Our Tampa Elks Lodge (#708) has served bus-loads of vets from James Haley Veterans steak, and a full meal to boot each month....this has gone on for years. Veterans are high on the list of charities we Elks fund through our membership and dues.

In addition we provide a hamburger-hot dog lunch with chips, salads, drinks, etc. for up to 200 at James Haley Hospital several times a year. We do the cooking as well! Several of our Elks and Ladies of the Elks help feed the more handicapped.

I am aware that we are not alone. Many Elks Lodges across the nation do a similar salute to our Veterans.

Makes me proud to be an Elk! & Maybe the reason we get little recognition is that we simply do not seek it.

Paul (Duke) DeLand
Tampa Elks Lodge #708

Monday, December 11, 2006

1 in 32 Behind Bars!

Think this is a joke?

It is it: "A U.S. Justice Department report released on November 30 showed that a record 7 million people -- or one in every 32 American adults -- were behind bars, on probation or on parole at the end of last year."

The sad story is the number of drug-related prisoners.....

& We are NOT addressing the issues, my friends....just check the full article HERE!

We are fighting a foe who knows no bounds except.....LEGALIZATION!

If we legalize most drugs, the war ends...the crimes end, the flow of drugs is much like our own drug problem with pills, etc.

Why is that such a strange concept?


The Grinch is HERE!

From my favorite "milblogger"......(for the uninitiated....military bloggers)

Read it and weep....and believe.....and then celebrate!!!!

The Grinch II

"Hey - it's that time of year when the networks roll out the old Christmas specials. Here at Mudvile we think that's a fine idea, so we're going to do some of our own. Here's one originally from Christmas 2003 - a look at why you see the headlines you often do at this time of year.

Everyone in America Liked Christmas a lot...
But the Grinch, who lived just left of most folks, Did NOT!

The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
But I think the most likely reason of all
Was his heart (or something) was two sizes too small.

Whatever the reason, His heart or his shoes,
When Hanukah came he hated the Jews,
On Christmas his hate spread throughout his views
to Christians, Republicans, and right wingers too!

"And they're hanging their stockings!" he snarled with a sneer,
"Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here!"
Then he growled, with his Grinch fingers nervously drumming,
"I MUST find some way to stop Christmas from coming!"

"I know just what to do!" The Grinch laughed in his throat.
And he sat down and started by taking some notes.
And he chuckled, and clucked, "What a great Grinchy thing!"
"With a choice few news stories some despair I'll bring!"

"This'll do for a start..." The Grinch said, "and how!"
And he told the whole world about America's Mad Cow!

"And just wait, now I've started some none-too-subtle spinning
on this story so you'll think that the terrorists are winning!

And toss in this plane scare, that should keep them home
where they can spend Christmas, miserable and alone!

Then he slithered and slunk, with a smile most unpleasant,
Around the newsroom, and he laughed at the "peasants".
He looked for a story of deaths in a fire,
when suddenly Baghdad news lit up the wire.

"Whee hee!" He cried out "This on page one goes;
even though they caught Saddam the violence grows!"

He filed his stories with a gleam in his eyes
"Tonight's work should get me a Pulitzer prize!"
But his head hurt from all of that serious thinking,
so he sat himself down and he started to drinking...

The next day, quite hungover, he slowly awoke,
but smiled and cackled, grabbed the cable remote
"Pooh-Pooh to the fools!" he was grinch-ish-ly humming.
"They're finding out now that no Christmas is coming!"
"They're just waking up! Then they'll see the news!"
"Their mouths will hang open a minute or two,
Then the sheepleville sheeple will all cry Boo-Hoo!"

"That's a noise," grinned the Grinch, "That I simply MUST hear!"
So he cranked the surround sound, put his hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising on the news show.
It started in low.
Then it started to grow...

But the sound wasn't sad! Why, this sound sounded merry!
It couldn't be so! But it WAS merry! VERY!

He stared down at America! The Grinch popped his eyes!
Then he shook! What he saw was a shocking surprise!

Everyone cross the nation, the tall and the small,
were singing! Without any real cares at all!

He HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming! IT CAME!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!

And the Grinch, with his grinchy-head pounding in pain,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: "They must be insane!"
"I know - they're too stupid! They don't realize!
It's me that they need just to open their eyes!"

And what happened then...? Well...there's some who might say
That the Grinch's small heart shrunk three sizes that day!

'Cause he pulled all the shades and he locked up the door,
and started drooling and typing, snarling "Hillary in '08!"

But all over the country, much to my relief...people sat down to dinner.
Roast Beef."

Thank you Greyhawk...THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


"The Damned of Darfur!"

Ralph Peters writes the truth on Darfur, and a bungling, incompetent U.N. refusing to address 1.5 million dead while yowling pitiously about the Iraq situation. His words are strong, and reflect real-life....and YOU need to read them!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Stop Global Warming! - Moooove Away From Bossie!

Yeppers folks, our ever-alert United Nations has made a final determination....The automobile is NOT the chief desecrator of the is....THE COW....

Oh My God, can you believe these idiotarians?

The mirth created by the US-funded UN organization is great....its just that most of their real functions suck big time!


Left Handers UNITE!

Or at least gain some recognition......

Michelle Malkin lets me know she is also A LEFTY!!!

However, I emailed her back asking if she had noticed.....probably.....that many of us, apparently she and I included, write in "normal" fashion, hand below the line, much like righties.....MOST lefties write from "above" the line in a sort of crab position of the left hand. I did not realize I wrote differently than the majority of lefties until I was a teen.....I have questioned lots of folks since as to why lefties write in different positions...but never found an adequate solution!



Word of the Year is covered quite nicely by Michelle her post waiting for your input!

The title word is my fave......and as I told Michelle in an email I cannot for the life of me remember who originated the word.....but I did post on it much earlier, and if I find it, I'll give them credit!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oh Nurse! - I'll have a Quadruple Bypass Please!

& I'll eat the thing here, if you'll take me to my car afterward in a wheelchair....and could we show a little more skin there Nurse?

I am not kidding. It is, of course, a new reported on

Just way too funny how people get all stirred over such silly things. After all, we endorse Hooters & Wing House whose outfits are even more skimpy.

Much ado about nothing as far as I am concerned. Wonder when the chain will expand to Tampa? Hummm!


Just What Is The Iraq Study Group, and Why?

Questions I have been asking myself all along.....and now over at Dean Barnett has the story.....a long FAQ, but interesting and full of facts you have not yet heard!


Friday, December 08, 2006

AP - Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

There is no question that the AP manufactured MANY stories in Iraq. Yet, they lie and fabricate to protect their failed reporting. Michelle Malkin covers it very, very well!

This is an abomination. AP must come clean, and if they do, they reveal their own completely unsupported reporting. Thus they fail as a major news source.

This one is NOT going away folks. AP will fail. GOOD! As a former newsman, with some REAL reporting, and some strong feelings of what is right in news reporting, I hope this huge company falls on its own sword.

Where is, and how do the rest of the media find the missing Captain???? Tell us AP!


UPDATE: In his compiled reports on this, Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) comments on "Hole, Shovel, Digging!"

Sometimes the Idiotarians ARE Scary!

Daughter "Lil Duchess" lives in Rockford, IL...shops at CherryVale Mall....and then we read of this person trying to kill folks there!

Notice the name, and his plans to conduct "jihad", but please, oh please, Mr. Politically Correct, don't set him aside as an Islamofascist.....

He is just a poor, misunderstood idiot!

Islamists are after us, folks....and we'd better react...SOON!


City/Region/State Blog Groups?

Just how pervasive is the formation of loosely-connected bloggers from various geographic areas?

Here in Tampa there are many, many blogs....covering all sorts of fields and about every bias possible. Dissemination of the "local" news is handled mostly by Tampablab. Daily updates (usually several times each day) offers up everything from screaming extremist views to photography with a lot of commentary thrown in. There is even a most-read list for the past 24 hours.

Three of my blogs make the pages of Tampablab; & Then I Bought an RV!; Pekin Prattles; and, my photo/story blog, TampaTownReview.

Listed on the Tampablab link list are more than 100 sites...most all Tampa or nearby.

I find myself checking my usual list of daily must-reads, and then checking to see what those Tampa folks have to say.

I also check in once in a while with bloggers in central Illinois (my home as the "Pekin Prattles" site would indicate) to see what is happening.

It would be nice to be heading somewhere and have the ability to check a list to see if there are locals with whom you could communicate.

Some bloggers with large followings can already do this....I know that when Glenn Reynolds, "Instapundit" hits the road he can gather a crowd in person or via emails. Recently Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters made a trip to Southern California and held a lunch he announced on his blog. Many attended.

Those of us with much smaller followings cannot make such a connection, but if there were contact-blogs in many places, one might still be able to meet with and exchange ideas with fellow bloggers.

Admittedly, most of our blogging follows a pattern which knows no bounds...ignores all geographic information, etc.However, the thought of making contact as the Duchess and I motor about the country in our motor home is intriguing!

I am fairly sure there must be similar groups across the nation. I wonder if anyone has gathered a list of these groups by their geographical location? Might be interesting to see such a list produced. Tell me about it if you know of such groups. Perhaps we could assemble a list by city/region, etc.


& You Thought 12 Million Illegals Was Bad News!

Check this little piece by Neal Boortz in today's Nealz Nooz....


The Federal Reserve Bank and its equivalent in Mexico are finalizing an agreement to make it easier to send money back and forth to Mexico. Translation: the U.S. Government is going to make it easier for the 12 million illegal aliens in this country to send money back home.

This is absolutely the reverse of what should be happening. We are enabling and supporting the Mexican invasion by making it easier for the invasion force to transfer money back and forth across our borders.

Can the situation be worse? Why, yes! Thanks for asking!

What's even worse is the fact that the program will be subsidized by taxpayer dollars. So let me get this straight: the American people, who are being victimized by illegal aliens every day, will now pay to make it easier for billions of dollars to be transferred from the United States to Mexico? You got it. This government program is essentially going to replace Western Union and services like it, who hauled in $2 billion in fees out of the $21 billion or so that was sent to Mexico from here in the U.S. Now the taxpayers will presumably be footing the bill for the transfer of looted funds to Mexico.

So there you have it...the ultimate insult. Not only are we paying to put up with millions in illegal alien, we're going to pay to make it easier for them to send their ill-gotten gains home. Should we expect anything less from the politicians in Washington?"

I am absolutely astounded that the American public....while against the illegals being here....are not up-in-arms about stopping this horrendous deficit we are building for ourselves in tax dollars being usurpt by non-taxpayers under the guise of their working jobs we won't.



Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pearl Harbor + 65 Years!

Most of the survivors have since passed....but one group still remembers in Pearl Harbor today. Michelle Malkin gives us the full story.

Two years ago the Duchess, Little Duke, his fiancee and I had the opportunity to make the trip to the Arizona Memorial while in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. There is no more stirring place to be. The silence and very quiet talk by all there was indeed tribute to the more than 1,200 who died that day in Pearl Harbor. This was my picture of the list of those lost.

Honor all those who died and who survived this tragic day. Take a moment today to reflect on their depth of giving of themselves so that we all today still are free.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kofi...GO HOME! vis-a-vis the Iraqi People!

Yeppers folks, the word is OUT, and it is strong via IRAQ THE MODEL!, one of my regular visits in the blogosphere!

Make it one of yours as well! These folks find the MSM (Read: OLD MEDIA) to be the problem.....


Ultra-Leftist, and Delusionary Carter.....

Writes a book.....and gets the resignation of one of his long-term staff people as a result....

Carter is so out-of-touch with reality as to be completely unbelieveable!

Just read the post at Little Green Footballs!

Carter has been a failure at anything and everything he has ever attempted! He continues in that vein in this publication.

No word yet from the Carter folks about his resigned staff person.....



The Baker Report Bombs!!!! Of course!!!!

It is the same thing all over again.....Mr. Baker wishes the truth to be, and thus it is!

Read all about it from Hugh Hewitt's post!

There are problems....they include the President.....they include many, many more!

We are losing the war folks.....not the war in Iraq....the war against the islamists! Thse who find us the end of their trail to winning....they want us defeated...and they say so!


How Very, Very Sad!

The man who set off from his family vehicle in snowbound Oregon has been found dead. His wife, and two children survive. He left as they were running out of fuel, food, and the other basics of life. It was a tragic ending as his family was found by overhead observers who saw his wife wave her umbrella. He, meanwhile, left a trail of clothing as he advanced through the wilderness....hoping to lead rescuers to his family.

What a fine individual....what a loss for the family.

I am sad!


Time Out!

Sorry for the silence........My younger sister had a heart attack overnight and is hospitalized. Duchess and I spent most of today there.

Thankfully it was minor, but it certainly brings a new focus to priorities!

Back tomorrow with more.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pelosi Pulls Another Bait & Switch?

Yeppers, gang......Nancy Pelosi is at it again....

Her new choice for the "Alcee" post is having an ethics problem according to Mickey Kaus....

"Virtual Fence = Virtual Corruption? Speaker Pelosi's post-Hastings fallback choice to head the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Silvestre Reyes, voted against building the 700 mile border fence. He prefers a system of video surveillance cameras, apparently. And gee, it seems that his daughter works for a firm that won a government contract to provide such surveillance services! What's more, according to WaPo's John Mintz (who broke the story) the firm did a really bad job. TPM Muckraker summarizes:

In 1999, IMC [the firm in question] won the contract, worth over $200 million. And at the advice of the Immigration and Naturalization Service official who was managing the operation, the company hired Reyes' daughter, Rebecca Reyes, to be his liaison at the company, the Post reported.

IMC's performance on the program was so bad it verged on criminal, according to later investigations. Millions of dollars in overcharges were alleged, installation was so bad that some cameras never worked properly, and the entire exercise wasted money and "placed. . . national security at risk," according to a GSA inspector general report. [E.A.]

Those who feel that a CW-endorsed "virtual fence" will be as effective a Bush-era bureaucratic initiative as, say, training a new Iraqi police force or providing Karina relief will not be encouraged by the history of Reyes' project. ... Doesn't an actual, non-virtual fence offer sufficient opportunities for sleazy contracting? Or is it too cheap and effective? It would seem distressingly easy (from an incompetent contractor's point of view) for the press and public to look and see what portions of a non-virtual fence have actually been built (as opposed to which high-tech surveillance devices are actually working). ... P.S.: It would be nice to have some Gates-like oversight hearings at which Reyes could be grilled about this video-surveillance debacle. But of course Reyes is the overseer, not the overseen. .."

Thanks Mickey.....nice to know someone is watching while the DEMs self-destruct! Anyone for a good round of "honesty and lack-a-corruption"????


Jimmie Carter, Exagerator, Liar, et al

The fact is a new book by former President and "Terrorist-In-Support" Carter is an abomination. The book has caused at least one highly-placed and well-respected individual in the Carter Center at Emory University to disassociate himself from the university.

The story at PowerLine.

It is fairly complete. I need add nothing, except I find Carter's long-lived support of the Hugo Chavez/Palestinian/Cuban/et al idiocy to be completely in line with his vacuous presidency! He is a loser who we, as voters, managed to elect ONCE!

Shame on US!

AP Goes In The 60 Minutes Basket!

The Associated Press....long a bastion of truth and reporting....has apparently bought in to the 60 Minutes theory that if you believe it really is so, then you accept the argument without facts.

Mark Tapscott has all the details IN THIS PIECE!

Why is it the Old Media insist on the story that they are right, even if they are wrong? They seem to argue that if they present it in all their journalism marvelousness they should NEVER be questioned, and any and all questioners are persons of low intelligence?

They are destroying themselves.

Bloggers are everywhere.......They may not hold journalism degrees, but they can read and they can source, and they find the truth. Too bad the journos of today are more interested in their liberal agenda than reporting truth.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Thanks Captain!!!!

You just gave me the argument I had offered all along....

Here is the Production by the Captain...

He, of course, agrees with me!

There are lots of folks who finds MANY reasons to support one or the other for #2...

I Just find this to be an argument which has NO winners...



Sunday, December 03, 2006

.944 vs .934 - Or how a BCS Spot is Chosen!

Yeppers folks, as I predicted in an earlier post today...

It will be Ohio State & Florida who tangle for the national title. Probably a right decision, but the roar of dissent is already reaching high levels of ear-noise. The many who speak out...including lots of coaches, seem to indicate they favor doing away with the BCS....a proven flawed favor of a playoff.

Ohio State's coach Jim Tressel had a different opinion. He feels the BCS is improving each year, and does not know how teams already playing 12 games each year could expand to 16 games to meet a 16 team playoff. I can agree....

At least we all know there will be a great title game, and after it is over I can call and heckle all my Gator fan friends.


Wreaths for Our Soldiers At Rest.....

An annual event many of you might already know. If not here it is in a full story from On Tap Blog! (HT: Instapundit!)

What a remarkable thing for a dedicated, patriotic manufacturer to wonderful to have citizens, and students participate.

A Salute to YOU ALL!


Ohio State vs Florida/Michigan?????

Some thoughts......I will up front admit a Big Ten bias. I am, as the title of the blog indicates, a native of Pekin, Illinois....just down the road from Champaign and the U of I.....90 miles from Chicago....Corn-fed country!

With that said, my now 28 years as a citizen of the Sunshine State has given me dual identities in both the NFL & College. Florida teams vs Mid-West powerhouses.

The BCS bowl game will be set this week, and the speculation runs rampant. Ohio State, unbeaten and having played many of the national powerhouses, deserves their spot... Unquestioned!'s Pat Forde has his say on the topic.

Florida & Michigan each have one lone loss.

Florida would present to the Buckeyes a new opponent. Michigan an opponent already faced.....HOWEVER, Michigan played Ohio State to a 42-39 barn-burner. Having watched that game I can say I thought Ohio State would win, and they would most-likely win again against the Wolverines......but not a certainty.

The gamblers in Vegas show Michigan a 7 point favorite against the Gators. Of course, they will not be playing for real.

I have to say I believe the ratings will ultimately give the shot at Ohio State to Florida. I predict Ohio State by at least two touchdowns.

Ain't football fun?

Maybe one of these years Illinois will be back in the top of the Big Ten in football. Maybe it will also get really cold and snow in Hell!


p.s. Sure hope our Bucs can at least look decent today....I'll be at my Elks Lodge with friends "tailgating" and enjoying.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Mail Must Go Through! - FOREVER!!!

At least that is the way it seems......for instance this story about mail still addressed to the World Trade Center 5 YEARS AFTER IT FELL!

I read the FOX article and then remembered our own mail. The Duchess and I have been married for 13 years. Her 1st hubby of nearly 30 best friend.... died of a heart attack in January 1991!

We to-this-day still get letters, solicitations, etc. addressed to him. Somewhere there are perpetual-forever mail lists.


Friday, December 01, 2006

"Ultra Liberal" Colleges/Universities oppose free speech!

The fact is folks, that at many institutions of higher learning today there is only one message allowed on campus......Liberal speakers......

Test this at Michelle Malkin's site....


Day-By-Day - An Adult Cartoon You Should Be Reading!

Ol Duke would not steer you wrong.....each day we are treated to several cartoons in our Tampa Trib just biased as hell toward are they biased. However, we have NO counterbalance with a cartoon aimed a spoofing the idiotarions in the MSM & Liberal World......EXCEPT

Chris Muir's marvelously entertaining Day By Day Cartoon.

If you have not made this one of your favorites, you need to....or just check out this blog and in the right column, down a bit, you'll find it each and every day.

Great Stuff!


Britney Sans Panties - Grow Up!

Lil Miss recently-divorced, former top pop star Britney Spears is apparently driving about "Gollywood" with her close friend and fellow exhibitionist Paris Hilton, exposing her nether regions for one and all.....

Michelle Malkin has a "Hot Air" vid just chock full of advise for the would-be-vixen...

Oh Britney, you have left your hot little virginal image so far behind.

My big question in all this is......Who REALLY gives a damn?