Sunday, December 24, 2006

Global Warming; er, Erosion; er Salt Water Intrusion!

The story is a clarion call from the agenda-driven MSM (Main Stream Media, oft-called the "Old Media"). Islands sinking into the warming is to blame...the dire predicitions begin to come true, and we'll all sink into the sea.

Sounds to me a bit like chattering monkeys.

Here is the original story I located....from The Independent. Nothing agenda driven by that article.....reallllllly?

However, when one does a Google on the island name there are many articles which indicate the source of the island's dilema is NOT a rapidly-rising sea, but a combination of terrible environmental management and corrupt local officials....

The facts are a bit strewn about in this post, but they are there...Go read for the truth.

Agenda-driven journalism at its finest. This island has been going away for many years. Harvesting its mangroves; failing to maintain dikes and levees; and a lot more is to blame. As you may have noted on the island the place was flat as a pancake to begin with, and probably composed of river muck over thousands of years. Mankind has made this happen...that is not a disputable claim...however, the truth is it is not global warming at all. It is a combination of problems caused by man with no relationship to sea levels.

I am really concerned that the MSM continues this pilgrimage to prove global warming, at the expense of truth. No wonder they are called the "Old Media"...truth has given way to agendas.