Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sandy "Pants" Berger - Trash Man Extraordinaire!

A Demo figure gets a media break. What a freaking surprise!

Sandy Berger, a Clinton figure, managed to escape with a small fine, some community service and a temporary lack of access to the national archives after pilfering only God knows what. Had it been Cheney, Rummie, et al of the GOP there would be a national press bruhaha of the 1st water. Headlines would fly, aspersions be cast, and the trail would be alledged to go all the way to GWB. Not so for Berger.....No one could possible think he risked his future to kill off documents Clinton and Company feared becoming public. Naw, Sandy was just "cute".

Scott at Power Line tells the story.

Entire thing makes me sick!

You either are stealing documents, or not....and he WAS!