Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Something Has Gone Horribly Wrong!

"Yes, Virginia (& the other 49 states)! There is a Santa Claus".....and his name is GWB plus the new Demo-controlled congress.

Neal Boortz nails it today as he tells how deeply into YOUR pockets the new congress, aided and abetted by GWB are going to dig!


President Bush said yesterday he sees "some wonderful opportunities" to work with the new Democratic Congress on a number of issues.

This man is really starting to worry me.

And just what are some of these opportunities? How about amnesty for illegal aliens, tax increases on the "rich" and fixing Social Security. Oh boy...I bet they're really going to fix it this time. Let's take a look at some of the issues on which the president and Nancy Pelosi will cozy up, shall we?

The amnesty for illegal aliens program. George W. Bush has been waiting almost 7 long years to implement this one, but knew he would get nowhere with a Republican Congress. But with Democratic politicians eager to recapture the Hispanic vote, let the Hispandering begin. The program is as bad as it sounds: a path to citizenship for all 12 million illegal aliens in the United States. On top of that, nothing will be done to stop the Mexican invasion. A wonderful opportunity indeed.

Time to raise those taxes. Let's face facts: President Bush is not now and never has been a conservative in favor of limited government. On his watch, he has expanded the federal government faster and larger than just about any of his predecessors. His spending proposals make Bill Clinton look like a miser. Remember when the 'Contract With America' in 1994 called for abolishing the Department of Education? Those days are long gone. George W. Bush will cut a deal with Democrats to raise taxes on "the rich" in order to pay for some vote-buying scheme. It's called building a legacy, so hold on to your wallet.

Oh..and fixing Social Security? Forget that too. The Democratic/Bush solution will be to raise payroll taxes and any form of opting out of privatization will go out the window. Oh's going to be very interesting for the next two years. The 110th Congress is going to ensure that."

Time for we taxpayers to elect some folks NOT by DEM or GOP, but rather those who will sign on to commit to NOT raise taxes....but rather cut them and stop giving all the freebies to everyone.

Libertarianism sounds better all the time.....

Boortz also comments on a new and IMPRESSIVE Libertarian......Bob Barr:


I've known Bob Barr for a long time. Nice guy, really. Even when he's eating cheese with Borat.

Bob has been a rather interesting study since he left the Congress. I've been particularly interested in his work against some of the provisions in the Patriot Act.

Now Bob Barr has announced that he's a member of the Libertarian Party. That's good. That will make him one of the party's most prominent members.

I do have a question though.

Several years ago Bob Barr and I stood on a stage in front of about 3000 people and debated the issue of medical marijuana. I was for, he was against.

I wonder what his position is now?"

We'll just have to wait and see!