Friday, December 22, 2006

Nifong Begins Backwards March....

The SA plotting, and I use the word as meant, against the Duke Lacrosse players has dropped the charge of RAPE against the three Duke players....but left in place several others....Of course, he is not going to divulge ANYTHING about his plans, his case, etc.....The story is on FOX HERE!

This sicko idiotarian needs to be disbarred, charged, and sent to prison for malfeasance in office!

Michelle Malkin also has THE STORY HERE! What an idiot this Nifong!

How long before he drops all the charges? Guess that depends on how he finds an excuse to make him look ligit in placing them in the 1st place....

He needs to be tried and convicted of REALLY bad things which he has perpetuated upon these innocent college students.

I hate that this can happen by an agenda-driven idiot who holds public office in the US of A.


UPDATE: The plot thickens, courtesy of
Betsy's Page.

This is a travesty of justice, and Nifong needs to P-A-Y.....BIG TIME!