Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kerry Dines Alone!, John (whatever) Kerry, sends a nice message to the troops about how "DUMB" they are...and how ONLY "SLOWER" folks become soldiers....a "JOKE"...har, har....then he goes to Iraq and wants to meet the troops, but NO ONE CAME to DINNER!!!!!!

At least not at his table......

Check it out Through Michelle Malkin.

The ever-present idiotarion of the Democratic party......oops, sorry, I guess there are several including: "Mr. Chappaquidick" and "Mr. Murthless Murtha".....

Well this was John, "I ain't never gonna be President" Kerry.

God, but he sends his message loudly, and clearly.....I am an idiot!

But he did have the sense to marry a multi-millionaire!

Go John!