Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blog Truth & Ye Shall Be Recognized!

The things that brighten my life often include any form of recognition of the fact that bloggers are both talented, and in touch....a description the "Antique Media" (Read: Print media) are loath to accept....as it gives away their own huge liberal bias in reporting.

Today, a landmark.....A blogger of note (IRAQ THE MODEL) is recognized by publication in the Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal. Omar....one of two who make this Iraqi blog work....gives his version of "what is" in Iraq....and scores some "I-am-there-and-you-are-not" creds among the public!

Read his article HERE & Be aware!

I love the facts that the actual Iraqi people present, in the face of the gloom and doom...."we are losers" articles by the Antique Media.