Friday, December 29, 2006

"You Won't Have Me To Kick Around Anymore!"

Not the quote of Richard Nixon.....the probable words of Sad-Man Hussein as he marches to the gallows. I am not sure I am still a proponent of the death penalty....HOWEVER, this mass-murderer who killed in horrendous ways documented by thousands, deserves his quick and regular death by hanging.

Jules Crittenden comments: "We all know the enormity of his crimes, and many of us know men and women who are dead because of him. But the only satisfaction I'll feel with his death is to know that there is still justice that is carried to termination and not cynically subverted in this world. It is only more death on top of death after that."

Saddam's hanging will not be a power point in the life of Iraq....but, rather, a point of reference that the NEW IRAQ is capable of taking care of it's enemies, and also leveling charges through courts which apply to all.

Despite the NYT comment in their recent editions, the trial was thorough, and complete. The missteps were few....the evidence overwhelming! There was NO (Read ZERO; NADA; NONE) evidence that he could have been innocent of charges......

He killed more people than many of us will meet IN A LIFETIME!

The report: from FOX.

The reality is by the time most of you read this he will be gone.

Good Riddance!!!!!!

One less despot to see, hear, and face.

A bonus.....maybe Assad, and several other such players will take notice.....but, I fear not. They all feel supreme, and above the hand of human laws.


UPDATE: Rick Moran comments;

"I wish I could believe that hanging Saddam will make other tyrants pause and clean up their acts, hoping to avoid suffering a similar fate. But you and I know that is wishful thinking. What is more probable is that the dictators will redouble their efforts to stifle opposition thinking it will guarantee their security – at least from their own people.

But in the end, whether it’s having your neck snapped by a taut rope or dying peacefully in your bed, the criminal oppressors who cause so much human misery and suffering will all come face to face with their own mortality. And I have to believe that as the curtain rings down on their existence, the cold hand of fear will grip their failing heart as they contemplate an eternity that may include torments far surpassing those they meted out during their useless, failed existence on this planet."

For those who are finding reasons to NOT kill the Sad Man.....

Check these facts from FOX: They Tell the TRUE story of this evil man!