Friday, December 08, 2006

City/Region/State Blog Groups?

Just how pervasive is the formation of loosely-connected bloggers from various geographic areas?

Here in Tampa there are many, many blogs....covering all sorts of fields and about every bias possible. Dissemination of the "local" news is handled mostly by Tampablab. Daily updates (usually several times each day) offers up everything from screaming extremist views to photography with a lot of commentary thrown in. There is even a most-read list for the past 24 hours.

Three of my blogs make the pages of Tampablab; & Then I Bought an RV!; Pekin Prattles; and, my photo/story blog, TampaTownReview.

Listed on the Tampablab link list are more than 100 sites...most all Tampa or nearby.

I find myself checking my usual list of daily must-reads, and then checking to see what those Tampa folks have to say.

I also check in once in a while with bloggers in central Illinois (my home as the "Pekin Prattles" site would indicate) to see what is happening.

It would be nice to be heading somewhere and have the ability to check a list to see if there are locals with whom you could communicate.

Some bloggers with large followings can already do this....I know that when Glenn Reynolds, "Instapundit" hits the road he can gather a crowd in person or via emails. Recently Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters made a trip to Southern California and held a lunch he announced on his blog. Many attended.

Those of us with much smaller followings cannot make such a connection, but if there were contact-blogs in many places, one might still be able to meet with and exchange ideas with fellow bloggers.

Admittedly, most of our blogging follows a pattern which knows no bounds...ignores all geographic information, etc.However, the thought of making contact as the Duchess and I motor about the country in our motor home is intriguing!

I am fairly sure there must be similar groups across the nation. I wonder if anyone has gathered a list of these groups by their geographical location? Might be interesting to see such a list produced. Tell me about it if you know of such groups. Perhaps we could assemble a list by city/region, etc.