Sunday, February 20, 2011

YEE HAW!!!! - NPR & PBS Are Defunded by House!

The Liberal/Anti-Conservative branch of the broadcast networks have been "De-Funded" by the GOP House. The GOP, tired of having a taxpayer-funded PR system for the Liberals and Democrats, have struck a much-needed blow for freedom and the rights of all.

I cringe every time I read of an NPR or PBS statement of Liberal support....To quote a song by PP&M (Huge Libs themselves) "The Times, They Are A Changin!"

Today, however, the change is the opposite of what the LIBs conceived....Nuff Said!

Lovin it, and Livin it!


Peers to Me...The DEMs are Losing....BECAUSE of Their Stupid Actions!

THUGS! They permeate the entire Wisconsin battle. UNION THUGS!
They are from here, and there, and Obama and his Chicago Union Minions have, insisted....that Wisconsin is the battle ground which will precede the Others in Ohio, et al.

While the demonstrators for the Governor's camp are peaceful, and civil in their signage, you see WHAT for the GOONS??????Take a look!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mexico, AH, Mexico!

The folks below our border seem intent upon invasion...OH MY GOD! Could it be real?

WE do control the border, most of the time right? O.K., That is a NO!

Well, now I feel better!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Budget Debt Overwhelming.....Obama Proposes Bullet Train!

If my cousin, the idiot, came up with this plan....I'd at least know he tried. BUT The PrezBO himself, the Hope & Change Artist????? He has learned WHAT from November 2010??? Not one freaking thing!

He is what he always was....smoke, fluff, mirrors, an oratorical voice, and a Chicago philosophy! & His Minions shout and praise him......O-M-G!!!!!

The GOP, to me, has so-far flunked the test. They are spouting some fine rhetoric, but my confidence in Boehner as a leader is diminishing!....RAPIDLY!

Tea Party folks have NOT LEFT THE BUILDING.....despite the wishes of the "gentry" in the Washington GOP.

My Message to the GOP Leadership.....BE VERY AFRAID!!!!! You are not safe, and you are not embraced. The sad part is, despite the 2010 vote, you STILL do not see it coming.

WE, THE PEOPLE, are tired of taxes, bloviated speeches, and more taxes. WE Want a change; WE WANT LESS EXPENSE...No matter Whose Ox Is Being Gored!!!!!!

GET IT???????????

Obviously not yet. Maybe one more serious election!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama Salutes Himslef on Departure of Gibbs!

Ever the narcissist, Obama manages to make departure of Robert Gibbs all about Obama!

This is just too juicy.....Obama knows no way to salute ANYONE without inserting himself into the situation.

What a conceited asshole!

He is what it is all one else matters!


Mubarak is Gone........Long Live Egyptian Army!

Actually Hosni Mubarak stepping down is the questionable thing....BUT, the Egyptian Military assuming control is a good thing! The military in Egypt is reasonable and accepting of such things as national elections.

I am pleased. Obama continues to be a puddle on the floor in this issue. He has not a clue, and his and his minions responses prove this conclusively!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Unionization! - Death Knell!

From Louis Woodhill

"The purpose of a union is to extract from its employer more than the market wage. If it doesn't do this, then there is no reason for workers to support it or to pay dues to it. Because companies must sell their output at market prices and pay market returns for the capital that they employ, they cannot afford to pay more than "market" for any major input. Accordingly, any unionized company for which labor is a significant part of its cost structure will eventually be destroyed.

Today's executives know that unionization is the "kiss of death" for their companies. They have no choice other than to resist unionization where possible and to disinvest and flee (whether to Texas or to China) if it occurs. If they don't, they will lose their customers to lower cost producers."

Now Government unionization is paramount! It is the Golden Nugget for the unions.

"In 2010, the number of union-represented employees government employees (7.6 million) surpassed the number of unionized workers in the private sector (7.1 million) for the first time. Since it's peak about 55 years ago, private-sector unionization has declined by almost 80% (from 33.9% to 6.9%), while public-sector unionization has almost tripled, from 9.8% to 36.2%.

Early union leaders thought that it made no sense to try to unionize government, because government had no profits in which labor could share. However, for more than 40 years, the union movement has understood that its survival depends upon enlisting government coercion in its cause. The labor movement has focused its efforts on organizing government employees, and unions have allocated an ever-increasing amount of their members' dues to political activities. Union money goes almost exclusively to Democrats, because the Democrats are the party of government, and the survival of unions now clearly depends upon government."

Need you know more?


Message From Obama to The Dumb Masses!

Janet Napolitano is now ranting upon terrorists and their potential destructive efforts. WHY???

For most of the 1st 2 years of the Obama Dynasty we heard nothing about terrorists...they did not exist.

OH WAIT!!!!! It is time to ignite CAMPAIGN 2012.....Move to the MIDDLE, play to the folks who know there is a terrorist to the middle folks in general....PROVE he is middle road... and oh by the way, ignore the ObamaCare debacle, and the PUBLIC purchase of GM (Government Motors)....and all those other Socialist/Marxist efforts. They do not exist......

Obamie is on the hunt for 4 more years....Thank GOD the electorate has caught on to the person who sez what he needs to when he needs to and then does as he pleases.....I hope they vote their knowledge!


Thursday, February 03, 2011

DEMs - 0, GOP 1,000........

The Democrats have given full support to the position of supporting ObamaCare.....DESPITE the opinion of the public. They have stayed the party-line....they have ignored polls, ignored the people of this country who voted last November.

They still cling to the position that they are SMARTER, MORE AWARE, then their own constituents...They seem to feel the BOMB which was dropped by the electorate in November 2010 was somehow an anomaly!

Their suicide mission is going to cost them. The union of LIBS....Democrat folks in the Senate is about to go BOOM!

2012 will give the GOP control of BOTH houses of the legislature!

IF Obama survives, and that is certainly NOT decided.....though he possess the vote of the Left and the "entitled" masses.....He will face a Congress which will stop any future for the LIB Left of Obama.

DEMs Senators/Legislators.....AWAKE and read the tea leaves. YOU are going to lose. The question is how much will you lose. That perhaps is a question which the legislators themselves need to embrace!

Love it.....


Can Anyone See The Hypocrisy?

1. PrezBO pushes, drives, forces his ObamaCare to away the farm to numerous potential voters......He wins!

2. PrezBO now has issued more than 700 waivers to allow groups to avoid the ObamaCare demands......40% of which are UNIONS!

3. PrezBO supports a DEM vote stopping repeal. The DEMs, for whatever reason (possibly because they know they will lose the Senate in 2012?) vote unanimously to avoid repeal. ontrol fo the private sector

4. PrezBO announces that a vote of the Congress to stop the EPA from killing jobs and the future of many industries with their "Green" regulations will be met by his veto!

This is a man bent upon Socialization of the country; growing of government; and, taking all control of the private sector. He truly feels government is the answer.....

The facts tell us a different story. The MAJORITY of the citizens of the USA OPPOSE ObamaCare. They want cuts in spending. They want LESS government control. PrezBO and the DEMs operate on the damn the polls, full speed ahead theme. Then they will wonder why in 2012 they have their hat handed to them.....FULL control of Congress by the GOP/Tea Party and perhaps a new GOP/Tea Party Prez!


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

OOPS! I Predicted This!

Mubarak is leaving....well, according to his pronouncement....BUT....what guarantee is there he will follow his own announcement? N-O-N-E....and he has, in the past, issued such statements and then relented/disavowed his statements.

I still feel this slimy 30-year despot, oft supported by the USA...despite his heinous crimes against the people of Egypt, will renege on his promise and force another despot down the throats of the people of Egypt. Obama is placing WAY TOO MUCH cred upon this fellow who has lied, lied, and lied......

I think the reaction of the Egyptian people will tell the tale, and they are already reacting with the "LEAVE NOW!" attitude.

We'll see.


"We Hear Your Voices!" - President Barack Obama

The Prez has offered, after days and days of dithering, his assessment of the situation in Egypt. He now, after urging Mubarak to leave, feels that he has stated the right position for the US of A. It is a position born of NOTHING!

Mubarak has agreed to leave (ostensibly) and now the machine of government will lead to the election of a new Egyptian President in the fall.

I have concerns.

1. Is Mubarak going peacefully? OR, is he planning to have an operation through his VP, Suleiman, which is much like the Russian government control operated by the former President?

2. Is there any idea of where this is all going in Egypt? Is there the major chance that the radicals will find a way to take control? Will the Brotherhood prevail?

3. Does Obama and his administration have a clue? That is a scary question.

IF Mubarak plots to retain control, Russian style, will the citizenry hit the streets again? I believe so.

Strange times folks.