Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Feels Right!

Somehow this feels like a real assessment....not a cartoon picture!


By Jove, I Think They Have It!

The GOP opened "summit-o-health" with THE RIGHT STUFF!

After all, they have 48% of the population in their corner on this one. The new report, giving them that number just came out today! How wonderful. Now The One is in an even-bigger hole from which he must try to climb.

His words no longer make young girls swoon, and his oratory will only go so far. The time for BIG GOVERNMENT expansion is NOT NOW! No matter the cause, no matter the need.

1st it is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!!!

Then, when we are back somewhere around 5% unemployment, The One will find consideration of healthcare a much more attractive item....BUT, probably not in the BIG GOVERNMENT form where it now lives.

Reason will prevail....but the dithering DEMs will also pay a premium this November. That premium will occur no matter what. The only thing to be determined is how BIG that premium will be.


Can You Hear Us Now?????

It's About The Jobs, Stupid!!!!!

Obama and the Democrats fiddle and fiddle.....The public, however, 46% of them, say J-O-B-S is what is Numero Uno, 1st place, most important! Instapundit has details of how Americans feel!

How much more plain can it be? Obama and the DEMs see themselves as on a crusade to save something positive from their time as the completely-controlling party with majorities in the House & Senate & the White House. They certainly failed with their stimulus. Their Cap & Tax program is dead-as-nails. Card-Check cannot gain any traction.

WHY???? It really, really is about Jobs! YOU KNOW, THOSE "UNEXPECTED" RISES IN NEW JOBLESS CLAIMS!!!

Is there any chance the DEMs will grow an understanding? Do they care at all about what the people want? Do they understand that BIG GOVERNMENT cannot solve the problems. Only small business can....and they have to have the right incentives to do so. Tax incentives....NOT a "jobs bill" award IF they add a job, but actual tax incentives to induce new job-creation. As long as Mr. businessman feels taxes are going to rise sharply, and THEY ARE if the healthcare bill is passed, he will sit on the sidelines...OR reduce his number of employees even further!

Call your DEM congresscritter and issue another alert. Of course, it will probably not help, BUT it just might as November moves closer every day!


The One Fiddles (With HealthCare) While Employment Sours!

If you need a perspective on where THE major efforts of government should be focused just GO HERE AND HIT THE PLAY BUTTON!

Someone, preferably PrezBO needs to get his head out of the takeover of more than 15% of our economy through ObamaCare & REALLY work on employment. Perhaps a tax cut to help small business? That has worked to lower unemployment every time it has been used.

Democrats actually believe the ONLY solution to any problem is MORE GOVERNMENT! So how's that medicare/medicaid/social security thingee working for YOU?

They are bankrupting this country....well, they along with massive boondoggles called "Stimulus"...


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Logo....Guess Its Origin!!!!

Goollleeee!Ain't it unique?

Found this at Rhiel World blog where Dan reported:

"The New Missile Defense Agency Logo Looks Familiar

Logos Via an email tip from cnred to Political Wrinkles.

The new Missile Defense Agency logo is up at their site - also on top at right.

They do share a certain similarity, I suppose. Do they use the same designer for everything, or is this about the only way Obama can find to leave his stamp on America?

You'd think we had better things to do with our money than create new images for everything."

Some things are just too funny!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Obaangs Out His 1-Note Song......People Thrown UP!!!!

Meanwhile.....Clinton, Bill By Name, sez there are really, really strong similarities between Kennedy and today!

I remain sick of politics....but avowed to open the picture to all!!!!!


Brown Bails on Jobs Bill......What Next?

Elect a guy named Brown from a DEM stronghold, and what's his 1st substantive vote???? Completely as Kennedy would have voted.

The man is an idiot. He votes because he sez....."I hope this vote opens bipartisanship!" I-D-I-O-T!!!!! The folks who voted you in want LESS GOVERNMENT....You just voted for M-O-R-E!!!!!

What possibly could go wrong with this scenario?

Man-O-Man.....I am nearing the point where simply attaching the term "politician" to anyone should make them targets of society in general!

I am sure Brown BELIEVES he is doing a really, really good thing. He should have tested the waters of the bay which elected him. He failed to do so, and he is stuck with a 1st important vote being DEMOCRAT!

I cannot believe it!


ObamaCare....We're Gonna Make, The Unions Happy!!!!

ObamaCare....unveiled at last. As one pundit put it, ObamaCare 2.0. Same Game, Different Day!

High points the DEMs wish you not to know......

1. Govt. will form a board to "control insurance premiums".....dandy, and then when they halt profitability for insurers, there will be no one to offer, well except for a then-introduced "public option". NICE!

2. $1 BILLION plan will be mostly paid for by a) reducing waste & such (right, works every time they try it!); and, b) higher taxes....probably on everyone!

3. Unions, however, (this will just surprise the bejesus outta you) will get to keep their cadillac plans without paying a premium for its high cost.

4. Senate bill....minus Cornhusker amendment & a few others....will basically remain.

5. Stupak amendment is gone. How's that work for you Mr. House Member?

This is going to be fun. ObamaCare is ReidCare with a few tinkers. If the Blue Dogs & GOP don't torpedo this one, no one will be left in the house after November!

Just sayin.....


Sunday, February 21, 2010

And Another One Down; And Another One Down.....Global Warming reports drop like flies!

Man-O-Man....I seem to get a new "FIX" daily as the vaunted GW predictions are debunked/withdrawn/modified, etc.


This "proven science" is falling down so fast as to be extremely entertaining. Of course these guys did not say what the mistakes caused....however, if the mistakes were on the side of even higher sea level rise I do believe you'd have had a hint in their statement.

Gotta Love It!


Is It Just Me?


Love them "Words!"

They are just that....not a one of them means anything in PrezBO's actual actions.

Openness.....We, he is open to SEIU being in his office more than any other group/person not already on his inner circle.....WAIT.....The SEIU IS in his inner circle.

Transparency.....The only thing transparent about Obama is his 90 degree left turn upon inauguration. He has consistently avoided any form of open dealings. You are supposed to just agree that whatever he tells you is enough!

Hope.....Well, after his dive into the waters of "there is never too much debt....until I say there is" one cannot help but observe that Obama is completely avoiding the fiscal responsibility he promised when campaigning....well when campaigning prior to the election....In fact he is still campaigning...his only means of communication.

Change.....He has changed almost every item he promised in the campaign from who would be part of his team to who would not. He has avoided his own promises to NOT tax large parts of our he allows that he might have to.....Obama's "Read My Lips moment is already part of the record....unfortunately you'll not know it if you do not watch FOXNews, or read blogs. The Lame Stream Media are MIA!

Bipartisanship.....In Obama's mind....or maybe just in his plans....this means never having to allow the opposition any access to anything you plan, but still expecting them to go along with you! really do not understand your ratings in the toilet, or you just do not care?


"Stop Teaching My Children EVERYONE Gets A Trophy! - What Is This, The Nobel Prize?"

Glenn Beck Gets IT!!!!

Unfortunately the, Democraps, do not!

That is even more evident when one considers the "arrogant" attitude of the Democrats about Healthcare......The public overwhelmingly is opposed to A-N-Y change. They have been for months and months. They have, in three major races, made it clear they are through with spending and the Democrat plans.....Still, the donkeys cannot plan anything except, pass the healthcare, no matter the facts!

I still say we cannot get to November fast enough, and even then the DEMs will lame duck us into some really really bad things.


It Is A Commission To Free Obama From Scrutiny...Nothing More!

At one minute til midnight, and facing a hostile public, Obama tries to put up a wall of defense...His problem is the wall hides nothing and highlights the fact he does not want to face the music on debt.

It is told best over at Breitbart's Big Government blog!


Even DBD Cartoon onboard w/Palin 2012!

You Betcha!!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

W - T - F ????????? Ron Paul ???????

Now I know the CPAC was DOA!

They voted to make Ron Paul their choice for Pres in 2012??????

Powerline takes this up!

& I take it down. IF the GOP should nominate Ron Paul for President in 2012, they will abdicate the presidency to PrezBO for a 2nd term! PERIOD!!!!!

Ron Paul cannot get elected dog catcher at the national level! The fact he came out of the CPAC with the most votes is totally a scary thing which makes me believe the Tea Party had better steer clear of ANY GOP connection!

These idiots in the GOP have obviously learned NOTHING!!!!!!

They believe because the middle is now anti-Obama, they have a clean slate to run whomever they choose, and magically they will win!


They are trying once again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

OR, The CPAC was canted toward a particular candidate all the time. Duh Ya Think????



That this Michael Ramirez cartoon is funny!The reality is...the words are truth, and entitlements are killing us, and yet no one in Congress or the WH is willing to EVEN TALK ABOUT IT...except, of course, in abstract terms about addressing the issue "Next Year!"

Sad times folks....November is not going to come soon enough, and even when it does there are the many lame-duck DEMs who will have until next January to muck about in Washington....with OUR FUTURES!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Liberal Excuses Debunked!

Charles Krauthammer cuts thru the liberal BS with a very sharp knife!

Of course many of the arguments used now by DEMs are the ones GOPs used when they were in power. This time, however, I think the public is going ballistic and changes will be wrought. Changes neither party is likely to care for...but the liberals will like a lot less than conservatives.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

O.K. Then.....Must Be G W!!!!!


Oh, wait, that has been the message from everywhere for the last three weeks!

GW is D-E-A-D......Long live GW....of course, so we can raise it when these village idiots decide it is time to board the "climate freeze" train!

Gore must have a new plan to find cold stuff......but wait, he is cold stuff!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet President Barack Millstone Obama.....

I cannot take credit for the revised Presidential name....

However, I can agree with it. The DEMs in the Senate are falling like flies. Dodd, Bayh, Dorgan, likely Mikluski.....and even Reid and Boxer are very, very vulnerable as many bloggers are now reporting.

Yee Haw!


Bias, I Don't See No Stinking Bias!

Climatologist Phil Jones, you know the East Anglia Hockey stick guy, admits there has not been any warming since 1995.


Nope....well not if you are ABC, CBS, MSNBC, or CNN. They cannot even find Mr. Jones in a search of their sites....

The blogs are alive with the story. FOXNews, the most watched of them all, has major coverage....And still, the Lame Stream Media ignore it as if they can any longer control what the public knows. Well, I guess they can keep the story pretty much away from their hand full of listeners who probably still don't know Obama is in bad shape politically.

The idiots who call themselves "Professional Journalists" don't even wish to acknowledge the actual death of the AlGore Crazy period of history. Even Gore is in winter hibernation with the rest of the bears....or just holed up in his high-energy house avoiding all media contact. Actually he has NEVER allowed a Q & A over his claims, long refuted, of global, Climate Change.

Guess he and the rest of the looney tunes will have to find a new cause.


Global Warming/Climate Change......Garbage In-Garbage Out

Musta Been That Global Warming...

The stories are already flowing like the water from the supposed-disappearing glaciers. They all point in one direction, including those by Phil Jones....There is no evidence of global warming...manmade or not...In fact, there has been no warming since at least 1995. Data used for the infamous "hockeystick graph" were missing or slanted by both misread information and/or changes to the areas where the sensors were mounted.

All the reports rely on improperly-read or missing data. They are all interconnected. Thus they all are incorrect.

Only the true crusaders, those who feel they have to further the cause at all costs, are still shouting out the charge.

Gore is strangely quiet and missing...but then he ALWAYS refused to debate the facts of the claims in his speeches and his god-awful film.

I am not at all upset to scream loudly I TOLD YOU SO!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

National Debt????


Here, in the next ten years....or forever!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

So How's That Hopey-Changey Thing Working For You???

Seems PrezBO now finds it possible that the middle class will get a tax hike....You know, what he promised NOT TO DO when campaigning.

Much like most of his campaign BS, another one of his statements bites the dust! I keep having that song from Queen rattling around in my head...."and another one down, and another one down..."

Lots and Lots of Obama stickers being scraped off of car bumpers!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Neal Boortz Nails Obama's Lack-a-experience!

"Let's begin with a quote from The Community Organizer. Here he is pushing this so-called "Jobs Bill" that would have been passed by now if it hadn't been for a bit of snow in DC.
"If [small businesses] can get the bank loans to boost their payroll... they will do so."
Yeah, I know. Absurd. But what do you expect from someone who has never had a real job in the private sector - someone who has never had to make a payroll - someone who has never had to seek a business loan.
Cogitate about this one for a moment. Small business do go out looking for loans to boost payroll. They look for loans to expand their businesses - to develop new products - to purchase equipment - to begin a marketing campaign - to finance accounts receivable. But a businessman does not say to his bookkeeper "Hey, Beancounter ... I think I'll go borrow some money so that I can expand my payroll."
I guess this is what you can expect when you put someone into the White House who's previous experience expanded little beyond community organizing."

Can I get an A-MEN?

If one has N-E-V-E-R worked in a business environment, one cannot know what works...well unless the one is listening to folks who do know....and this PrezBO listens to no one who has actual business experience.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


In the post (below) I stated that Obama and his critters are clueless.....

MY GOD, I was clueless as to the depth of their cluelessness!!!!!

Obama and his Gibbs idiots are still playing word games, pointing fingers, doing really, really sophomoric things, and expecting the MSM/public to swallow it as a laughable thing.

They are more sad than even I (who had NO faith in them from the start) thought possible!

Come on 2012!


I Got Your Jobs.........Right H-E-R-E!!!!

The DEMs continue rowing their boat toward the falls-of-death with an ever-quickening pace....oblivious to the fact the general public (oh yee of plebeian faith/knowledge) know what they are up to!

The so-called jobs bill (read..."Porkulus 2") is a shill as AP REPORTS!!!!

The Chicago mentality.....until you have lived it, you just cannot understand it. They are in charge, so therefore nothing can stop them. The Obamaites are clueless!


Monday, February 08, 2010

RIP - Rep. Murtha

BUT You were one of the most profligate spenders of the DEM squad.....I cannot find a problem in the fact you are gone....except for the usual someone misses you theme.

Murtha was a complete spender...a dollar-does-the-most person of the 1st water.

He will NOT be missed for these qualities!

Sorry if I seem less-than-sad.!!!!!


e-Obama Remains Tone Deaf!!!!!

He is planning a new climate study agency!!! in the face of evidence most of the climate "global warming" (old phrase since discredited!!!!) evidence was F-A-K-E!!!

How Obamaesque is that?

This guy knows no bounds to his lack of connection with the real world!



Left vs Right Notes Difference.....

Palin's $1 Sharpie crib notes for convention speech...
Obama's $3,000 "crib" for a school classroom speech!One blog noted Obama probably needs a teleprompter to get out of bed in the morning.


Sunday, February 07, 2010


Natalie Cole's re-worded song:

That’s what you are
Though near or far
Like a ton of debt you’ve dropped on us
How the thought of you has flopped on us
Never before
Has someone spent more . . . ”

Mark Steyn at NRO Online has the full story of Unsustainability....

One has to just wonder if the DEMs are really, really that clueless...or, perhaps they just are truly "one-note" politicians....they know no alternatives.


Friday, February 05, 2010

Charles Krauthammer: "The Electorate vs Obama's Agenda!"

The message is sterling clear....

Just read it and know.

God I love Krauthammer's view of things!


4.3 MILLION JOBS LOST Since Obama Took Office!

Man-O-Man....those Bush numbers are terrible?????

Speaker Pelosi in 2003: "House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' announcement that 470,000 people abandoned their job searches in July and that 3.2 million private sector jobs have been lost since President Bush took office:

“The fact is that President Bush’s misguided economic policies have failed to create jobs. Since President Bush took office, the country has lost 3.2 million jobs, the worst record since President Hoover. And today we learned that in July nearly half a million people gave up looking for a job.

“Job losses are taking a real toll on the financial security of American families. While Democrats are fighting for opportunity, jobs, and economic security for working families, Republicans continue to focus on helping those who need help the least.

“According to today’s survey, while the national unemployment rate dropped slightly, it still stands at a near record high. In addition, the unemployment rate for African Americans was still over 11 percent in July, and the unemployment rate for Hispanics was 8.2 percent in July.

“It is time for President Bush and the Republicans to get to work for all Americans, not just the elite few.”

Go You girl!!!!! How's this "HOPE & CHANGE THINGEE WORKING FOR YOU?"



Dutch Deny UN Climate #s


In fact....You used the wrong numbers!!!!!

But, of course, they are GW fans....numbers are for manipulation only! Do not let facts get in the way of our story!

For God's sake, where will this unveiling of GW insanity end?


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Justice Department OIG Is Held From Duties!

Openness-Transparency....Obama Style!

We want NOTHING to be revealed, and we will see to it that that happens!

Obama....the liar on such things is still hiding behind his teleprompters!


O.K......O.M.G. Is NOT Enough!

Crist, el-gov-de-media, is going to support counting illegals in the census.

Well, after all, he did also say the Stimulus was great stuff.......

Go Rubio!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Well, President Lincoln, You Are NOT Current Enough....

Yeppers folks, the marvelously "sensitive" folks of North Carolina are finding a way to eliminate all US History prior to 1877......That means the students do not get Lincoln, Washington, and all the folks prior to Rutherford B. Hayes....a person of monumental importance to.....well, to someone!

These geeks are absolutely deficient in the brains department......

GO....Read....Throw Up, and then GET MAD & make some important emails/telephone calls/etc.

This PC, LIB, idiocy has to be halted.


OH YEAH! - Trust Me, The MA Vote HAS Been Heard!

PrezBO is still channeling ObamaCare....BUT The host of DEM Senators/Congressmen are looking to November 2010....They are, at this point, unconcerned by the healthcare thingee.

THEY wish to be re-elected, and they DO NOT like the numbers PrezBO has given them. In fact, many are sorry they voted for several things last year.....TARP; Stimulus; HealthCare; Cap & Trade......Yeppers folks, these DEMs are bailing out so fast as to make the 1994 defection seem small potatoes!

The question, to me, is....Will the Tea Partiers mount a few candidates of their own from across the country....against easy targets? If they do, will this new cadre of "tea party" folks be able to muster enough strength to place some obstacles in the path of "politics-as-usual" in DC?

God, I hope so!


OUCH.....MSM Takes a Hit....But Only at The # 3 Network!

CBS Firing any (one/thing) not bolted down....

Don't ya just hate when the Lame Stream Media lose all kinds of jobs cause they are NOT WATCHED ANYMORE?

I know I don't care. Oh, I feel for the folks left without employment....but then I have lots of relatives unemployed also....and most of them have been ignored by a CBS which is still a flagship Obama supporter....with no reference what-so-ever to reality.

You die by the sword you have chosen!


Did I Shower This Morning?

PrezBO has a new problem......

DEMs are asking, "Barack Who???"

The poor boy probably does note understand....after all in Chicago everything goes as planned, and there are NO questions!

Har Har


Europeans: "Bush Was Not The Problem; Obama Is Not The Solution!"



Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Andrew Breitbart is the new KING of this genre!


Monday, February 01, 2010

Canadian Healthcare.....NOT FOR Leaders!

Yeppers....The equivalent to a U.S. Governor is going to have heart surgery...

IN THE U S of A....

You just have to read about it.

WOW, Ain't CanadaCare just marvelous.......well, at least for the "regular folks".... Just not the elite leaders.

Are we ready to vote for ObamaCare now????


O-M-G!!!!! He DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's BOWING Again!!!This time it is to the MAYOR OF TAMPA, FLORIDA!!! MY Town....I know Pam Iorio....she is nice, but the last time I bowed to her....well, actually neither I or anyone I know has ever bowed to her.

Idiot. Desecration of the Presidency!

People still "Like" this fellow?



"Obama Parts Company With Reality!"

Powerline blog details the insanity!

This man has the ca-hones of a bull elephant.....well, even if he is a sort-of donkey! Obama is still playing the same cards as he used when campaigning. Feint, speak, repeat!

The public perception is growing, and despite the so-called "dead-cat bounce" he received following his hollow, meaningless SOTU, he will begin a new descent this coming week as folks begin to grasp the audacity of his SPEND, SPEND, SPEND budget.

BUT he will enforce a freeze of .2% of the deficit NEXT YEAR....well, maybe.

Idiocy...the legacy of Obama.



As bad as it will PROBABLY be w-o-r-s-e!!!!


Leave it to PrezBO to leave out a few details.