Monday, February 22, 2010

ObamaCare....We're Gonna Make, The Unions Happy!!!!

ObamaCare....unveiled at last. As one pundit put it, ObamaCare 2.0. Same Game, Different Day!

High points the DEMs wish you not to know......

1. Govt. will form a board to "control insurance premiums".....dandy, and then when they halt profitability for insurers, there will be no one to offer, well except for a then-introduced "public option". NICE!

2. $1 BILLION plan will be mostly paid for by a) reducing waste & such (right, works every time they try it!); and, b) higher taxes....probably on everyone!

3. Unions, however, (this will just surprise the bejesus outta you) will get to keep their cadillac plans without paying a premium for its high cost.

4. Senate bill....minus Cornhusker amendment & a few others....will basically remain.

5. Stupak amendment is gone. How's that work for you Mr. House Member?

This is going to be fun. ObamaCare is ReidCare with a few tinkers. If the Blue Dogs & GOP don't torpedo this one, no one will be left in the house after November!

Just sayin.....