Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is It Just Me?


Love them "Words!"

They are just that....not a one of them means anything in PrezBO's actual actions.

Openness.....We, he is open to SEIU being in his office more than any other group/person not already on his inner circle.....WAIT.....The SEIU IS in his inner circle.

Transparency.....The only thing transparent about Obama is his 90 degree left turn upon inauguration. He has consistently avoided any form of open dealings. You are supposed to just agree that whatever he tells you is enough!

Hope.....Well, after his dive into the waters of "there is never too much debt....until I say there is" one cannot help but observe that Obama is completely avoiding the fiscal responsibility he promised when campaigning....well when campaigning prior to the election....In fact he is still campaigning...his only means of communication.

Change.....He has changed almost every item he promised in the campaign from who would be part of his team to who would not. He has avoided his own promises to NOT tax large parts of our he allows that he might have to.....Obama's "Read My Lips moment is already part of the record....unfortunately you'll not know it if you do not watch FOXNews, or read blogs. The Lame Stream Media are MIA!

Bipartisanship.....In Obama's mind....or maybe just in his plans....this means never having to allow the opposition any access to anything you plan, but still expecting them to go along with you! really do not understand your ratings in the toilet, or you just do not care?