Monday, February 15, 2010

Bias, I Don't See No Stinking Bias!

Climatologist Phil Jones, you know the East Anglia Hockey stick guy, admits there has not been any warming since 1995.


Nope....well not if you are ABC, CBS, MSNBC, or CNN. They cannot even find Mr. Jones in a search of their sites....

The blogs are alive with the story. FOXNews, the most watched of them all, has major coverage....And still, the Lame Stream Media ignore it as if they can any longer control what the public knows. Well, I guess they can keep the story pretty much away from their hand full of listeners who probably still don't know Obama is in bad shape politically.

The idiots who call themselves "Professional Journalists" don't even wish to acknowledge the actual death of the AlGore Crazy period of history. Even Gore is in winter hibernation with the rest of the bears....or just holed up in his high-energy house avoiding all media contact. Actually he has NEVER allowed a Q & A over his claims, long refuted, of global, Climate Change.

Guess he and the rest of the looney tunes will have to find a new cause.