Monday, February 15, 2010

Global Warming/Climate Change......Garbage In-Garbage Out

Musta Been That Global Warming...

The stories are already flowing like the water from the supposed-disappearing glaciers. They all point in one direction, including those by Phil Jones....There is no evidence of global warming...manmade or not...In fact, there has been no warming since at least 1995. Data used for the infamous "hockeystick graph" were missing or slanted by both misread information and/or changes to the areas where the sensors were mounted.

All the reports rely on improperly-read or missing data. They are all interconnected. Thus they all are incorrect.

Only the true crusaders, those who feel they have to further the cause at all costs, are still shouting out the charge.

Gore is strangely quiet and missing...but then he ALWAYS refused to debate the facts of the claims in his speeches and his god-awful film.

I am not at all upset to scream loudly I TOLD YOU SO!