Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Solutions (?) for Global Warming!

The solutions to global warming are as many as the grains of sand on the beaches...and they offer approaches decried by many as having no actual impact, or minimal impact upon the alledged problem.

A ring around the Earth, constructed by man! The options cost either 600 Billion or 200 Trillion US Dollars!

The Sierra Club has lots of ideas for business and individuals to "save" the Earth from Global Warming.

A much larger variety of options for solution comes from Climate Hot Map.

A conference earlier this month by Clean Air - Cool Planet produced this pdf as a "how to" for cures.

The problem with all this huffing and puffing is that global warming is NOT an accepted fact. Oh, it is more than accepted....it is almost a religion among many liberal activists; however, among the people who give it a fair study the consensus is more and more that there is NO such thing as global warming. An interesting read by David MacRae.

Take a quick gander at Junk Science, and enjoy some revelations about this "problem".

For my money, I do not feel ANY proof of global warming has been given. The media/ecoactivist herd reaction is so very akin to Chicken Little's "The Sky is falling!" as to fail the humor test.

Reminds me in some ways of the media circus around Gitmo.....no facts, just a few words here and there from people who later retract those words....but the media takes it as fact and trumpets the call far and wide.

So goes global warming. Bah!