Monday, June 27, 2005

It's a Definite Yeah/No/Maybe from SCOTUS!

The biggest issue in SCOTUS News remains who will do what about retirement, etc. In this writer's humble opinion there will be no news today. I believe these folks would like a bit of a set-apart for their decision, and will probably make any announcement in the next few days.

As for today's decisions, I find them pretty much a wash as far as anticipated items go.

The 10 Commandments decision, which seem to say placement of the Commandments IN a courthouse is NOT OK; however, placing them near a public building IS OK!

The MSM (online, at least) are, I feel, being a bit misleading re: file sharing software developers. The usual lead is "the court decided against" the file sharing companies/people. What I read into the decision is that they simply said to the lower courts....there is enough here to go to trial. The appeals all the way up had been on decisions made by courts that no trial was needed. The issue now remands back and will probably see a trial, and I'd bet even money no jury will convict these developers.

As for other issues the announcements continue.

As I said above, the elephant in the room is still resignations/retirements. We may have a few days yet to wait.

What if the two sides ready to launch into battle over any appointments raised all the millions they reportedly have, and then NO ONE resigned.


Update: Welcome Captain's Quarters readers, and thanks Ed for the link! & Check out Ed's take on it...for more detail!