Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More UN Nepotism...Plus, Plus!

ED Note: Updates at end of the story folks!

Mr. Annan and his son.......

Now a new Father-Son combo at the UN.

The original FOX News story is covered by Captain Ed here.

However, there is an additional level of involvement for this new father. In his high post in the UN heirarchy, he was one of the top sources for Paul Volker's investigation.

That is sort of letting the fox guard the henhouse isn't it?

I have the distinct impression there will be much more from Turtle Bay before the worm stops turning......

Anyone else feel it is Bolton time at the UN?


UPDATE: FOX is reporting that the father in the UN story above, Alexander Yakovlev, has resigned his post. Further details on the why, etc. not yet available....12:42pm

UPDATE 2: Now 1:50pm and no other MSM that I have found has touched the resignation of Yakovlev from the UN not... ....ABC...CBS...CNN...NBC!!! Guess it is a non-story which they didn't want to cover in the first place so his resignation just saves them the trouble til this boils over in the blogosphere...then it will be "Right wing bloggers", even on this FOX story!