Monday, June 20, 2005

The infamous Veg-a-Matic???? (w/fruit)

Today the potato farmers of the UK, lacking anything really constructive to do, demonstrated to have the term couch potato stricken from the dictionary. Seems it is an insult to (perhaps degrading as well) the wonderful veggie and may actually hurt its image! You can read the slice and dice of this story at

The whole thing, while almost interesting and indicating that Great Britain needs to find something more for its potato farmers to do, provided me "food" for thought!

I guess we have a veritable slew of defamatory reflections upon fruit and veggies that need to be addressed.......

"string bean" - a slender tall fellow when I was growing up

"pear shaped" and "apple shaped" - used by my wife to describe various types of female anatomy configurations.

"rotten apple" - the bad guy in the crowd.....and of course its related....

"rotten to the core" - which while not naming the apple leaves little to the imagination!

To be a bit more risque we could venture to:

"look at them melons!" - a descriptor not needing explanation for the males I know, and probably for most females as well.

"like two fried eggs" - WHOOPS!!!! where the hell did that come from.....?????

Oh well, nuff said on that topic, and I guess I must need something more to do also!

Have a great day gang...and join me in enjoyment of a lighter moment provided for your reading pleasure by the potato growers of England.

Duke (a "chair potato" as I sit before the PC too damn long each day!)