Monday, June 20, 2005

Bolton Approval During Recess?

The possibility exists that John Bolton could be given a "recess appointment" by President Bush to the United Nations post. The thought has already been in the minds of various media folk who are following the Democratic foot-dragging on the Bolton nomination.

There has been no confirmation from the Bush camp, with Condi Rice giving a non-commital answer when asked.

The Democratic delays now center on questions which the Senate committees have already considered, and both Dem and GOP members felt confident of. The primary question now for the Dems is; Do we deal with the nomination and bring it to a vote in the next two weeks, or do we wait and watch as Bush gives Bolton the post thru this year?

Either way they lose.

Bolton will be our UN Ambassador.

Once named, it would be really impossible for the Dems to filibuster a seated Ambassador next year, particularly one favored by the public as well as a majority of the Senate. Given a chance to perform for most of a year, I am confident the UN will already feel the impact of Mr. Bolton.

Without power, the Dems are engaging in foot-dragging as a pretend "strength".

I simply love it!