Thursday, June 16, 2005

Florida's Attorney General should revisit School!

Crist and Business 101

So, Charley Crist, Florida’s Republican Attorney General has released the findings of his YEAR-LONG study of Florida’s gas prices. In it, he has found that the oil companies broke no law, but "Maximized profits by minimizing inventories". Thank you Mr Crist.

This year long study cost how much? No one is saying, but would somebody tell our esteemed AG that the local Community Collage has a business 101 class that could have told him that most businesses "Maximized profits by minimizing inventories" As I remember that class from so long ago, holding inventories is expensive. I believe the phrase was "Just in Time" I’ll bet attending a business 101 class would have cost the taxpayers a little less money than a year long study.

No where, in what I’ve seen of the study, is the shortage of refinery space mentioned. It’s not stagnant refinery capacity. It’s not increasing world demand. No, in the eyes of an AG running for Governor, it must be the evil oil companies.

Charley, do us a favor. If you want to ingratiate yourself to those Florida voters that like the "Get the evil oil companies" rhetoric, please do it with out spending so much of our tax dollars. At least, next time, try taking a basic business course first.

Little Duke

NOTE: Lets welcome son-of-Duke who offers his first post above. I am confident we'll be seeing much more from him in the future.....

Some additional thoughts on the above from Duke....Crist oft times seems to be a part of the RINO group. Claiming GOP for his party while acting like a Demo in using more and more tax dollars doing basically redundant work.

Thanks for the post Son!