Friday, June 10, 2005

ABC Interested in 'Condi for Pres' Blog?

Over at my Condi blog....

Posted this on my dealings with ABC online:

ABC News (Online) Interviews...
Received an email while on vacation from Rose Palazzolo, apparently a producer for ABC News online ( to do an interview re: why we had a blog for Condi to be President.She called yesterday (Thur) to do the interview. We covered the gamut of items from why did we start the blog to why Condi would make a good candidate to her strengths.Of course the tone seemed more one of trying to drive to at the Hillary vs Condi situation.I'll be interested in what actually comes of this online....if anything.The story is supposedly to appear from today thru Sunday sometime.I'll report back when (if) it does.

Interesting to see what they really are aiming at, and what will come of the conversation...I'll let you know!

Son, Little Duke, and I actually established the blog to hold it for a few months from now when the Condi for Pres effort begins in earnest.