Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What is this age thingee?

So a few questions occur to me......

I am 62.......and some truths also come to me.....

Truth....I know where the hair went that left the top of my head! It now grows in my nose and ears! (Laugh, you devil, you'll be 62 some day.)

Question?....What happened to the thin, handsome, redhaired devil nicknamed "The Legend" for his escapades in Joliet, IL? Well...wait a minute, I left Joliet in 1973!!!! 32 years ago? My God where has the time gone?

Truth....I still love most of the things I did those many years ago, but it seems I am either not physically able, attractive enough, nor inclined to such escapades! Life is good, life is sweet, and I am incredibly happy.....The Dutchess and I have been married 11 years (nearly); we have five kids and, as of 4 weeks ago today, 9 grandkids. Obviously our kids pre-date the marriage! Young Duke is 42, for gosh sakes!

Question?....How long will we be able to enjoy and experience without the incapacities of old age?
Oh, if we only knew.......Hopefully an RV and retirement loom large in our future. Dutchess is due out in April of 06; yours truly August of 06.....However, the employer is already seeking a contract with me to continue some operations....nice retirement bonus!

Truth....Given five kids and nine grandkids there will be NO TWO alike! That, in and of itself is almost magic! We love it....but find some of the kids and grandkids to be a challenge!

Life and Love......

Glad we're here my lovely Dutchess! Look forward to the future.....

A paraphrase: "come, grow old along with me, for the best is yet to come!"


Duke of DeLand