Saturday, May 28, 2005

On-The-Road VI

Some fine times on Sunday, May 22nd. Dutchess and I kept kids overnight at resort in Lake Geneva (Old Playboy Club) and took off Sunday for the Wisconsin Dells. It is a place, and a town.

The idea is a canyon of rock walls formed by glacial action. Water runs thru and it stays quite cool year round in the dells and its canyon contributaries. We did the Upper Dells (above the dam) boat trip and then took the grandkids on the famous "Ducks"...WWII military amphibious vehicles which grind thru the woods, and on to the Wisconsin River for a 6 mile ride.

That part was fun.

Gone was the sleepy little town of Wisconsin Dells. Today it is a tourist mecca complete with, for some unexplained reason, five or six wooden roller coasters, lots of race tracks for small cars, and more water rides than can be imagined. Much of the small town charm is gone.....some things, however, never change. There is still a restaurant, Paul Bunyan's" which serves supposed lumberjack meals at wooden tables. Much more costly today, but still there. The food is too abundant! Family style serving on platters. Pitchers of milk, coffee and juice for breakfast. Tons of eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, etc.

A return to a memory of youth. Some remains there to give stability. Much is modern, convenient and canned!

It was a fun day with the grandkids aged 12 & 9. Their first trip there despite living just a couple of hours away.

Dutchess and I love rides.....she all all but roller coasters which happen to be her forte!