Friday, May 13, 2005

Voinovich - The Jerk!

It just could be that Bush would have won Ohio by 240,000 votes instead of 120,000...

His less-than-maximum win was most likely attributable to the fact Bush and Senator Voinovich supposedly share the same party. There is some question about that in the case of the lunatic Ohioan!

I was astounded as I watched the Voinovich testimony yesterday. I was equally and smilingly wondering what actions will originate from Rove & Company in the direction of this clueless RINO once the Bolton vote, and the explosion of the New-clee-ur option has cleared the judicial nominees for launch!

I would expound more upon this, but as is usually the case, Day-By-Day Cartoon nails the thing far better than my words ever could!Go Chris Muir!

Duke of DeLand