Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Extreme Left has Created the Extreme Right!

...and MUCH more!

The loud raucous rhetoric and unseemly actions of an extreme left developed over the past 20-30 years. The idea of such an extreme, outspoken and active group espousing the removal of many standards of this nation which have been in place for decades...if not longer...would have been not only unheard of but not even on our radar when I was growing up in Middle America.

During my teen years in Central Illinois the idea of dissent was limited to perhaps making a small stand on the changing of our activities at school. There was little to no dissent in the public domain. Some few might form a picket for some union or another. Perhaps a lone figure tried to take on an auto dealership over a "lemon" he had purchased.

The causes were small, the demonstrations equal.

The consideration of such "politically correct" things as avoiding the mention of religion in school, or the removal of religious words from such buildings would have been unthinkable.

As the rebellions of the 60s developed and transcended into such rhetorical lying as the Kerry statements to proven incorrect....and the Fonda actions of outrage which forever stamped her, and condemned her because of its blatant digression from the norms of that time, there was a shift.

For many years the origins there, and in less visible areas, of a rampant left, dedicated to every conceivable political correctness, and the removal of God from Country, grew and began to form a cacophony of dissention which impacted every part of our lives.

Don't pray in school!
Take down the religious symbols!

and, many more.

Now over the last few years...perhaps as few as 10...there has been a growing level of activity and political participation of the right! These formerly quiet, and fairly non-political citizens, became enraged at the continuing erosion of our country's base of beliefs. They began to speak at the ballot box. Several stood up and became open, often themselves nearly hostile, advocates of a return to our basics.

I truly believe the result is today's right. I believe the left created the right's popularity and the new voting level which has brought about a change in the Congress and before GWB's term is out, a change in the judiciary.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Though I am not so sure equal is always applicable!

Balance is being restored, and the long-loud and much-opinionated left seems completely unable to comprehend. After all, how could anyone oppose these modern advancements in politically correct actions!

They are opposed, my left friends, because you went too far and began an erosion of our very pillars of faith and family. You opposed our strengths...Provide for yourself, and help others...NOT provide for others!

An interesting time which may or may not continue past GWB's term. Much will be determined by the has been the case all along! If they continue the drive to make the US look like the failed liberal governments in Europe, look for the right to continue to unite and keep control. If the left learns some moderation and acceptance of other's ideas for consideration...not for targeting...there may be a return of the left to more power.

I'd bet on a continued right leading us; I am for sure lacking in examples of the left moderating...except a Presidential candidate or two who suddenly find rightness to be much less wrong, temporarily any way.

Duke of DeLand