Monday, April 18, 2005

MSM; Need a new Iraq Reporter?

After the currently developing story about an MSM "local" reporter with explosives residue on his hands, perhaps the MSM should rethink their hiring policies!

I have a suggestion.......Omar at Iraq The Model, who has a great ability to put things quite clearly....and he is all over the current embroglio over "kidnapped" Shiites.

However, I found one sterling piece in Omar's recent post (Saturday) which really strikes a chord as he throws in an Iraqi answer to the MSM's constant harangue about religious factions being divided and warring against one another.....

Omar says it will never happen.....

I'm sure that some "experts" will celebrate this incident and consider it a spark that will ignite the civil war fire they have been hallucinating about.
What such "experts" always fail to notice is that the conflict in Iraq is taking place between the people, the government and the coalition on one side and the extremists and remaining Ba'athists on the other side. It is NOT a people vs. people conflict; it never had and it will never be like that.

I really don't blame people who live outside Iraq for believing the "experts"; they didn't live here and they depend on the news to build their opinions.
But I live in Iraq and seen almost every city in it, so I know how thinks work and I know what the people think.
This time, the pathetic terrorists are trying to make it look like a sectarian conflict; it is NOT.

I wonder if that would be clear enough for the MSM?

Of course not, as they will never put out such a story.