Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mad Mel Strikes Again!

There he is, our illustrious three-month Senator Mel Martinez, smack dab in the middle of another controversy.

Now it is clear that from his office came the infamous "Schiavo talking points" memo. Instantly a senior staffer fell on his sword and admitted authorship.

Kiddies, this one ain't over yet!

Michelle Malkin sets the stage well right here.

As one who reads my blog knows, I am no fan of our Senator. He is the only GOP senatorial candidate in lots of years to NOT get my vote.

In his campaign for the GOP nomination he laid some flagrant foul memoes, etc. against his worthy opponent, just before the primary and sqeaked thru....Later he said something akin to "oh well" when questioned about his tactics against a fellow Republican.

He did more of the same against the Demo candidate.

When the Schiavo/President/Congress fiasco was underway he suddenly transformed into a sensitive, caring, emotional being. I don't buy it!

There will be more to this, and perhaps Senator Martinez will taste some payback.

One can hope.


UPDATE: Editorials appear with thoughts as I expressed this one by the St. Pete Times and this one by the Tampa Tribune. Mr. Martinez is indeed becoming well known among Florida voters. So well known he seems, at three months in office, to be headed for 1 lone term!