Friday, April 01, 2005

U.N. - What to do.....

Instapundit is referring to an Austin Bay comment on the UN, and ends his bit here with a nice observation which bares the probability that such a move would be effective.

I have only one reservation.

For one, I am all-eyes and ears for the action/reaction when Mr. Bolton is confirmed and goes to the UN. I have a feeling Mr. Bush has a plan or two.

For my money I vote we let Bolton have a shot & then if nothing of material difference occurs.....i.e. reformation of the UN and its operations/officials and responsible auditing.....I say we begin the $ holdout!

Something must be done.....We are being the fools for the sad states and dictators of the world in this situation, and it would be very unlike Bush to allow that to continue.

Watch and listen, kiddies!