Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Life Springs Eternal! Posted by HelloMy Plants for Spring!

There are things dark and ugly we each must deal with daily.....Too much of our lives of recent times are centered upon items of political/social importance. Things in which we have NO say!

I post this picture, my Spring planting of tomatoes, to reaffirm that life goes on... that what we do matters, and that enjoyment and growth are part of "the" plan by whatever Gods you enjoy and believe in!

These are my spring plants for a spring/summer of fresh delicious fruit.....

In Florida we plant early and also again in the fall....(My September tomatoes are still producing fruit!)

Enjoy the picture of growth and renewal.....


p.s. In a totally unrelated aside......notice the marigolds planted at the corners of the tomato plants.....they drive away about 90% of the bugs which inhabit tomato areas.....& They are the primary plant of my hometown, Pekin, Illinois....home of the annual "Marigold Festival"!