Saturday, March 26, 2005

Me, A Trustee????

Tonight the Dutchess & I will get all spiffy, and head for the Elks Lodge where yourstruly is being installed as a Trustee.

I'll post a picture tomorrow as I will be in formal dress....AND, as your favorite "Hatman" will complete the outfit with a formal felt hat!

Actually, my fellows int he Lodge have been after me for several years to take a chair, and move up the offices. Took too much time for me. Besides I have been editor of their newsletter two different stretches (In my 3rd year we won best newsletter in the nation for our size Lodge).

Anyway.....will be posting a picture tomorrow!

Gotta get ready........only one real negative.....

My Illini play at 7:05.....on the Lodge BIG Screen.....I'll be inside the meeting room in a 2 hour installation. You folks root for them for me.....


p.s. Does my heart good to see the Big 10 gnawing up the ACC which always seems to get the major press! Three of eight left are Big 10!