Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The End is Seemingly Near!

I have offered my feelings on the Terri Schiavo situation before. Nothing new here. Just a SAD comment that the end seems near. Why sad? Well, folks, even though I believe the decisions made by judicial levels have been correct, I still will morn the loss of a life.

NO, I will not morn the loss of Terri.....she is not lost. The person who was Terri Schiavo died many years ago.

What followed, in the courts, in the appeals, in the media, in the hearts and minds of folk involved....was tragedy! Many folks spent thousands of hours trying to influence a judicial system which decided time and time again that Terri was "Gone".

Not the emotional appeal of a parent who seeks to find again their lost daughter; not the emotionally-driven decisions of our Congress spending millions to enact a law that played to the folks who wanted Terri to be alive; not the drive by "right to life" groups who saw this as a beacon PR case; not the editorial cases spouted by folks who knew only a small fraction of the issues; BUT, the fact of a case which toured the courts for 15 years!!!!!!!!

Not once in that time did the courts (charged by law with determining the outcome of such a case) find for the parents and their view! NOT ONCE!

This is not a NEW case. This is an OLD case, now being cast in a new light by those seeking to make advancement to their particular cause/issue vis-a-vis this poor woman.

I HATE it!

Give some measure of peace to the woman involved. STOP making your causes about her. Make your thinking OF her, and of her possibilities. They are almost completely limited by FACT!

Let Terri go!

I would never want to live in her state.
I would be loath to allow my bride to do so either.

Check your feelings of how you'd address the issue with the facts you know FOR CERTAIN; not the drivel of a media campaign, nor that of an emotional appeal based upon "right-to-life".

Terri has a right to DIE!

nuff said