Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Voice of Reason....even if we disagree somewhat!

Thanks to Powerline's Deacon for the post on Terri Schiavo. Check it Here. The facts of this case, as for so many cases of people versus "idealistic" attitudes, have been lost to a furor of knowledge-challenged folk.

I work, as I have mentioned, in a major healthcare facility. Today I took and unofficial poll....quietly....of those with whom I work.....care-givers, techs, office people, etc. I did not "lead" people, I gave comments and got instant replies...

BOY did I get them! At least 90% voiced instantly a support for the method used for Terri.....withdrawing the tube. We in such facilities, see this daily! The usual is a quiet family discussion, and decision. Then the patient slips away because THERE IS NO HOPE OF this person EVER being the same person again!

Life IS absolutely valued by healthcare workers.....else why would they be healthcare people (in my estimation some of the most dedicated people to life on the face of this Earth) in the first place? My Dutchess, a 40 year surgical nurse, STILL cries when a surgical patient dies in the OR!

EMOTION is ruling the Schiavo case....not fact.....

I heard today an estimated $4 million dollars were expended by a Congress/President in extraordinary actions, flying back to the nation's capitol, and holding all-night sessions, for this one person.....how SAD! These voting people knew NOTHING of the case. It has been given voice, replayed, and replayed for nearing 15 years....and EVERY decision to date by judges with FULL exposure and knowledge has been the same....The woman is brain dead! YES MRI has been performed and found her brain lobe atrophied and replaced by spinal fluid....THIS IS NOT regenerative!

We need to deal with more serious problems.....

Such as: WHY are the Legislative and Executive branches joining in this attack on the Judicial branch which has invested thousands of hours of consideration on this very case?

Does this, in any way, shadow the SCOTUS ruling told by Kennedy as a measure of the "World View"???? If so, then this country is dead....it just needs to disoplay its' own symptoms for people to see.

The Constitutional balance is being disrupted, and that scares the HELL out of me!