Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Social Security Reactions Reversed?

My local discussions with folks of varied ages, re: the SS changes/need for changes, to provide the opposite from each age group that I would expect.

The Dutchess and I work in an area where many younger folks are employed. Their reaction in discussions seems to support the need for change...but an attitude that nothing will change, therefore they need to prepare for their incomes on retirement separately from any SS "help".

In my local involvement with folks our age (early 60s), they seem opposed to any change, despite assurances that they, age 55 and up, will NOT be impacted.

I understand the liberal leaning of the AARP, and am a member despite my complete feeling that the organization does not listen to its members at all, but rather makes every effort to tell the members how they should be thinking, and to scare them into doing just that.

I cannot believe the Dems have done such a 180 on the need for SS change....and could never explain it as well as Michael Tanner of Cato's Project on Social Security Choice does in his article on Foxnews.com.

Somehow the media, plus a liberal AARP, and including Democrats who seem clueless about how to address this issue are creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty which will doom us to let the next generation deal with the problem....by then it will be much too late to salvage the system and still provide a decent income for the recipients who follow my age group.