Thursday, March 10, 2005

Schiavo Becomes an Icon...for no reason!

I am sorry......

I am sorry for the parents of this "brain-dead" woman.
I am sorry for the husband who has lived with this for more than 10 years.
I am sorry for the public who is drawn into the debate by the efforts of many who are seemingly "good" people....

Teri died many years ago.
Her body lives on......

EVERY court decision for the many long years has been that she is in a vegatative state. EVERY ONE of them!

There have been specialists, doctors, etc. ALL have agreed that she is brain dead. Her body gives some responses based upon basic response mechanisms which SEEM to be live.....the docs say they are NOT!

The compelling arguement is that she "needs" treatment.....
The fact is, she will NOT respond to has been tried!!!!!

It is SAD!

When do we say ENOUGH?

This woman, a beautiful young thing, died a death of the mind by deprivation of oxygen, basically.....

WE are perpetuating a myth that she lives.....her parents WISH, HOPE, PRAY, for this.....but their efforts are misguided.


Do not let these folks decide I want to live, if I have the same or similar problems.

The smiling person that is presented on TV of this young woman, is a LIE!!!!!

She does not really respond, she does not have the capability to live, to eat, to be a person.



UPDATE: You may put on hold my above article as new information you can read on Hugh Hewitt & Captain's Quarters indicate a new side to treatment of Terri, or LACK thereof, by her husband could invalidate all action to date on this case...See Hugh's and Captain's articles for details while I explore the issue some more.