Monday, March 07, 2005

N. Korea - without the guilt!

I am amazed, and frankly for a person of my age; one versed in the traditions of journalism (albeit the lesser well thought of radio/TV versions); that fact in and of itself is astounding.

On PAGE 1 of the L.A.Times......Barbara Demick offers a story of such ignorant proportions regarding the N. Koreans as to be almost absurd.....

Check out her article here.....then come back and check my response, which I am saving below.....



1st, as a newsman who took his craft very seriously, and his standards to be the complete guidelines of news.....I find her story enough to make grown men PUKE!

A single source, suspect at best, provides her attempted warm and fuzzy portrayal of N. Korean people as happy, settled, and family-oriented. BS!

What news did she miss?????

Millions have died, families are ripped asunder constantly, and as a matter of regular course......The entire country is in starving, deprived existance!

If this gal has a shred of decency she would walk away before she hurts herself with the sharp pen she obviously does not know how to handle!

Nuff Said!