Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Saddam Family/Politicos Lose...Syria Wins!

A top Saddam Lieutenant, and half-brother has been turned over to Iraqi officials by the Syrians! Captain's Quarters has details, plus a delicious addon that sez more than 30 others were in the Syrian-delivered gift package.


Syrians have found the Saddam group to be less-than-a-positive.....Thus they get to board the "congratulations and we recognize you" group for Iraq, gain some positive spin around the world where they are currently under heavy pressure vis-a-vis Lebanon and the Syrian troops there.

An additional thought I wonder if anyone else is exploring? What of the almost-assuredly transplanted WMD, etc. in Syria from the Iraqi Saddam family/friends who fled. If they did indeed take such WMDs to Syrian, perhaps as their price of admission/protection, then Syria now has new toys that are all theirs!

That remains scary at best!