Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Sure, it had to happen. Both Glenn at InstaPundit and Captain Ed at the Captain's Quarters had their wives in the hospital and dealt with serious events this past week (longer in Ed's case, and possibly Glenn's).

Ed had coined last year the term "Hospiblogging"......Blogging from the hospital, and both did nicely at it.

Yesterday I managed, for the 2nd time in 6 weeks, to locate myself in the midst of our ER Chest Pain Center (Duchess & I work at a major Florida hospital)....My heart decided to skip every 4th beat, and pop a bunch of "strange signals" on the monitors.

Took me from 10am until 6pm to clear the place and am headed today or tomorrow for a stress test. So, as they would not allow me my laptop in the bed.....gee wonder why?.....I guess one could say I was "hospi-logging"!

Much to the delight of my bride and I, it appears at this juncture that a medication adjustment (plus removal of my 3-4 morning cups of caffeine) may fix the situation.

I am glad both Glenn & Ed's wives are doing well.....

It is sure nice to live in our free society WITHOUT the benefits of socialized medicine where we'd all probably still be waiting for a bed, or the chance to see a doctor.