Saturday, February 19, 2005

Term Limits for Supreme Court?

This proposal On Volokh Conspiracy (as forwarded by InstaPundit) would limit Supreme Justices to an 18 year term.

I find this a bit out-of-touch with reality. If one explores the history of our "Supremes", they usually don't last that long....with a good number of exceptions!

I, for one, find any term-limiting, below the Presidency, to be a wrong choice. I am convinced that people pressed by a deadline for service will react by trying much harder to achieve an agenda than those who serve indeterminate periods. While everyone (despite our best efforts) proceeds with an agenda according to their bias, the agenda gains sharp attention when a limitation in time approaches.

As for the above mentioned Presidency, I find this to be a different class as the Presidency carries so much more in the form of decision-making, policy-setting, etc. Thus limits speak to the avoidance of a perpetuation by virtue of popularity alone, and avoiding the inherent problems of agendas which can in fact impact the entire country for a long time in the future.....

This is not to say that Justices do not impact our life and ways....however, they do so with less direct-impact.