Friday, February 18, 2005

This is just TOO Surreal!!!!!

"Please Sir, May I have another?"

Remember the line?

From Animal House, and the line of those inductees to frats who laid on the heavy clubs to the buttox!

For me, the clarion cry is the same from Democrats today.....

Can they ever get a clue????? NOPE!

Dean versus Perle.....That is a one-armed-paperhanger thing....Dean with one arm, and Perle showing how its done!

The Dems must now LIVE with their choice for Chairman....

They seem to gather ignorance as if it were gold! They find ways to extrapolate that the "people" wish they had other options/votes....DESPITE the fact they have been soundly defeated in three consecutive votes by the public they seek to entertain!

Now Dean plows onward as the surrogate of the "we hate war" crew.....Despite success in Iraq....And man are there successes to review!

Let me tell you about oblivion....For the Dems may soon reach the stage of being such and same!.....Oblivious to all, and innocuous to all!!!!

How very, very nice!

Bring em on Dean!