Friday, February 25, 2005

Dems on A Rant in the Senate!

It could mark, in just a few weeks, the complete breaking of the Democrats in the Senate! It could fizzle out......but the show will almost certainly be more interesting than any movie I have seen in the recent past!

The Democratic Senators....led by the usual miscreants....are threatening! Not one action, but two! Both absurd from my point of view.

Read a good write on it at
Hugh Hewitt's place.

For my part, I continue to be amazed by the total lack of comprehension of the Dems as to the mood of the voters of this country.....not the true conservatives, but the many centrists who actually decide the voting in each election. These folks were upset over the previous blocking of judicial nominations.

Now to threaten not just filibuster, but also a COMPLETE shutdown of the Senate. This childish idiocy will provoke the electorate even more.

I do not, seriously, believe it will get to that.

Some cooler minds....perhaps our newly-more conservative Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton among them....will probably move to a position to short this effort by Reid, and others. If not, then I predict the Dems will: a) lose the judicial battle; and, b) lose the 2006 elections badly.

Oh, and a bit off subject, what the hell is Dean doing courting red state where his own party's Governor snubbed him.