Monday, February 28, 2005


The Oscars are over for another year and I again successfully avoided watching. However, Ed over at Captain's Quarters nailed what I am sure would have been my reaction to the continued liberal elitist onslought.....despite a 60 million votegroup who disagree with them.

It is obvious that many in Gollywood have moved......

Their new nation, "Lack-a-Respect" is located far from regular places, but is rumored to be quite elite! Their capitol city of "Lack-a-Understanding" houses only those far removed from regular places, and wishing to remain among the elite! Their legislative body, "Lack-a-Consciousness" has proposed a completely shared income by all, except those living in the state of "Eliteist", home of the few who assure one another they are better, smarter, more knowledgable, more caring, and obviously way out in front of those they left behind in the all-comsuming red of their former home. For after all, as George Orwell penned, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"!

And are not we conservatives among the "animals"? Of course we are, just those in the less-equal herd!