Monday, March 21, 2005

BULLETIN - New Landmark on Right to Life Laws

WASHINGTON DC; March 21, 2010

The U.S. Congress, Senate and House, have passed the 8,450th individual law to protect and extend the life of an incapacitated person. The bill will now go to President Condi Rice for a "stamp of approval" (One may recall she ran out of pens to do hand signing on the bill for patient number 6,443).

Senate Minority Leader Obama commented, "We, as the minority party, have joined once again with the Majority GOP to pass this bill. It has become obvious that the Congressional process will continue to be mired in individual laws as a replacement for the long-denied authority of area, and state courts and judges."

An interesting side note; While the Terri Schiavo case followed more than 12 years of court decisions, legal hearings, etc., the current patient had only eight years of legal actions (all going against the continuation of life in the described PVS). Thus the time span before the Congress steps in and substitues its will for the judicial branch's action has fallen by 1/3rd.

Obama and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bush, in a joint statement indicated that there appears to be a break in the current batch of "PVS/Life" cases, and they are now ready to begin consideration of the budget for FY 2006....Said Bush, "It is time to move on and try to stop this operation of government under emergency funding bills included in "PVS/Life" individual laws." He explained, "We have this current break before moving on toward the enactment of some 20,000 additional individual laws as our staff cannot keep up with the publishing of required documents."

/break snarky-asm

Sorry if the above offends anyone's feelings.....however, I find it a direct slap at our entire system that the Congress of the United States takes the time and effort to undermine a judicial system which has explored this issue far beyond any need for continuation. While emotions run very high, and the media and public have been played in this case like a violin, the fact is we have a system. If it is not working, then change it. If it is, then leave it alone!

Working in the healthcare field, I am aware of how many times EACH DAY this decision is made about some unfortunate person.

As a personal aside, I found it nauseating to hear Senator Martinez of my state off in a fantasy world of caring and sensitivity. Is this the same man who absolutely tarred and feathered in an unfair blitz of misinformation, his fellow GOP primary opponent for Senator, and then later effect...."Oh, never mind!"

Rant ends::::::