Saturday, March 19, 2005

The "Other" Duke

1st there was me. Then, of course, son Little Duke (he is only marginally taller than am I!)

Today I met a new Duke......and also received a lesson in blogging popularity & recognition.

The Dutchess & I took our annual sojourn to the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Show. Held each March in this suburb of Orlando, and adjacent to Rollins College, it is one of the BIGGIES in art show circles.

We try to go each year, and this year we were shopping for some nice new jewelry for the Dutchess whose birthday approaches!!!!

We found a lovely combination sterling and 14K gold necklace and earrings at a display and, while completing our transaction, conversed about the vendor's badge showing his name as "Duke".

While talking about the common nicknames the subject of internet led to blogs, and his naming several including, of course, Instapundit......He reads them often, but apparently has yet to obtain his own voice on the blogs. It was fun talking, and hearing the ideas that come forth from one who reads the blogs versus the almost "canned" ideas of non-bloggers whom I now feel are among the underprivledged in knowledge of what is really going on.

Thanks for the conversation "Nother Duke"...... Your jewelry is already much appreciated by the Dutchess. Your reading blogs helped make my day!

I am sure he'll be reading this as he took down my URL.....

Ain't bloggin fun?

I am sure this event, and accidental collision of blogging minds in the most unlikely of places will be repeated more and more often as we pass the 8 million mark in blogs.

Makes me wonder how many millions more read, experience the ideas passed around, but don't show in anything except perhaps the number of visits!

Hope your day was as sunny and nice as ours here in Florida!