Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Minutemen ride again!

One thing I cannot, for the life of me understand, is President Bush's REALLY bad decisions re: illegal immigrants, and the completely OPEN Mexican border.

He is a Texan, but the facts speak of some major problems with the borders....WAY beyond the simple fact of millions of illegals in the country working for defense contractors, naval bases, nuclear stations, etc.......

The LARGEST problem is the fact of EASY entry of WMD, "Dirty Bombs", etc. because we have NO border control to speak of.

I cannot justify any Bush arguement on this point. We NEED protection, vis-a-vis 9/11. It is fact.....what IS his problem with this.

In my humble opinion this could be the lynchpin of what will unravel an otherwise fine GOP control of the elections for years to come.

MOST voters are dismayed by the illegals, the potential for terrorist invasion via Mexico.

Bush seems not to hear!

There are many who are trying Like the Minutemen!

Someone tell me what Bush is for in this area, cause limited response is NO response to my mind!