Thursday, March 24, 2005

President Bush, YOU are losing your constituency!

I am an unabashed GWB Fan.....I blogged the hell out of the facts/conjecture/exchanges all last Summer and Fall.


I am absolutely angered/disgusted, etc. Over GWB's recent actions. The man is losing my respect and, I believe, about to disassemble an apparent GOP party perpetuation of leadership for the next 10-15 years!

Let me cite the causes:

1. The absolutely stark-raving lunatic actions in the Terri Schiavo case. Emotion overrules the facts of 15 years of judicial action. How bad is this.....Government of the individual case for ONE person????? see my blog (in satire) of this topic HERE. Cost to the taxpayers....estimated at $4 Million!!! PLUS, How much ia this going to cost GWB in terms of the balance of votes for his judicial nominees???

2. Border politics????? What the hell is wrong with GWB? He is off in space on the issue of illegal immigrants/TERRORISTS entering this country! 1st, he said during the campaign of 2000 that he would reinforce and enlarge the number of border agents...He lied, he never even tried! 2nd, he now feels we should welcome the illegals with open arms, and make the plan simple so all the rest of Mexico will want to come here! (Along with any terrorist group planning to explode really BAD things in our country.....) Bush seems COMPLETELY disconnected from the potential for evil herein laid! Also, he seems disconnected from the $ problems of many millions flowing back to Mexico to support their people.....BUT President Fox of Mexico is not unaware.....he welcomes it all with open arms. GWB, WHAT the hell are you thinking????

3. This man is a powerful, and exacting leader of the program to attack terrorism. He is also clueless about the regular items of defense of our own country. Whose fault will it be when a dirty bomb goes off in Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, etc.????
Whose fault will it be when thousands die in a program of dirty drugs/water-tainting, et al?????

George, you have lost my support!


UPDATE: I am not alone in my opinion about Bush; see Michelle Malkin's opinion .